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[Resolved] Mobile Internet Intermittent - 27 Jun 2014

Started by: will23
On: 27/06/2014 | 12:52
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by: markfriend
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:47

my APN settings on my iPhone 4S had reset back to the O2 ones with Username of vertigo and a Password of password. I've reset them to giffgaff and <blank> and appear to have mobile internet back

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by: neekface
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:48

I love how everyone is complaining about having no internet... over the internet.


Y'all can survive half a day without posting a selfie ^^

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by: gavgav
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:49
Mines down too in London. Really need it. It better be fixed prompt...

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by: timo_t
former giff-staffer

on: 27/06/2014 | 16:49

@jongibbins@  wrote:

Unfortunately most of this thread is now just FULL of people posting things like:

'My interwebz is broken, why?'

'When will it be fixted? I can't live without data, my life is ruined!!'

'My internet is down and I live in Town X'

'Like ZOMG, I pay for this and it doesn't work. Where's my compensashunz?'


If people actually read the thread rather than just sounding off and not looking at other people's posts they'd know the answers to all the questions already!!


Thanks to @will23 for all your updates!

These types of situations bring a lot of inexperienced and new members to the forums to ask questions and to find out what's going on. It might be the 100th question you see about the subject, but it's likely the first time the person is asking the question. That's why we try to set best answers and why Will's providing as many upates as possible.


Appreciate you being patient and helping out the new people to check out the Service Updates board and this thread for the latest updates. Then, if something like this ever happens again, they'll know to check this board first and possibly not even have to ask the question.

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by: will23
former giff-staffer

on: 27/06/2014 | 16:50

@tomtom31 wrote:
I hope you guys sort it soon as data is a big part of my work and I could be looesing business.........!

We're on it. Thanks for bearing with us, we know how much of an inconvenience this is.


All the best,



Former Community Manager 
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by: gtithaine
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:50
Giffgaff, if I ask the same question over and over again will you change your reply? Only asking because rather than reading the previous questions and answers everybody seems to keep asking the same question and get the same responses. Maybe if you reply to this we could stop everyone asking the same thing and receiving the same response! Just a thought Smiley Wink
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by: taxigaff
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:51

@123jhb123 I've got an O2 phone and a GG one. Neither are working.
I presumed it's an O2 problem as GG use their network. 

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by: miva72
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:53 edited: 29/06/2014 | 10:50

thanks for info 


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by: missybaby
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:53
i have no access to wifi and rely on my mobile data how long is it going to take to rectify
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by: devolute
on: 27/06/2014 | 16:53

I'm not convinced it was worth registering to post that.

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