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SIM box orders suspended

Started by: oh_kari
On: 28/03/2012 | 15:38
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by: oh_kari
on: 28/03/2012 | 15:38 edited: 11/06/2012 | 15:11

Hi everyone,


We've currently suspended sending orders for boxes of SIMs as a few were being sent out with unprovisioned SIMs inside. We'll resume sending these as soon as we're sure the problem has been eliminated.


If you have boxes of SIMs from us and you'd like to check they work before handing them out, please go to and enter the activation code. If they are provisioned correctly then you should be able to move onto the next stage of activation.


Whilst you wait for us to begin sending the boxes again, please request packs of three SIMs from us. We can raise the number you're able to order if necessary.


Kari xx



UPDATE on 30/04/2012 15:15


Hi all,


Good news! We're in the process of spinning SIM in a Box back up again, going through the final few stages of preparation today and tomorrow. The reason it's taken a little while is because we've been moving between warehouses. We should be ready to go on Monday next week (May 7th) pending any difficulties.



~Will T


Update 08/05/2012 16:30

Good afternoon everyone,

Unfortunately I have just been informed that SIM in a box orders are still currently suspended. We're testing more of them to try to make sure fewer have issues, which is taking longer than expected.

Thanks for your patience,



UPDATE 11/06/12 15:10


I'm happy to confirm that SIM in a Box orders are now all up and running. Thanks for all your patience.


As we have a short backlog from the downtime, orders placed immediately may take up to a week longer to process and be sent, but of course you can still place orders and get in line for your SIMs. Get out there and spread the word!



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by: as7861
on: 28/03/2012 | 15:43

Thanks for lettings us know Smiley Wink 

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 28/03/2012 | 15:43
If one was ok would they all be ok or would every sim need to be checked
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by: jaygb1982
on: 28/03/2012 | 15:47

pinkcalculator wrote:
If one was ok would they all be ok or would every sim need to be checked

From my expierience, And I checked over 250 SIMs.


In the bundles of sims, If one was a dud and not tied to your account, All the remaining sims in the bundle were duds.


Visa-Versa, If one was good they all were. That was my personal expierience though from 2 Super Boxes. Of which 50% of them did not work.

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by: alex_w
on: 28/03/2012 | 15:48

pinkcalculator wrote:
If one was ok would they all be ok or would every sim need to be checked

We've been advised that the best thing to do is to check the first SIM and the last SIM as your first step. If both are ok, then they all should be. If both are not ok, then they are all likely to be unprovisioned. If one is ok but the other not, then you'll need to do more checks.

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by: as7861
on: 28/03/2012 | 15:49



Thats £20 Smiley Wink Please 


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by: oldyorkie
on: 28/03/2012 | 15:56

Thanks Kari Smiley Happy


Explains why my message received from the agents today advised me that my request has been sent to H/O.


Was aware of previous problems re affiliate attachment fails, so this is a wise decision.


Though it may well be also linked to gg providing microsims instead of microgaff - bearing in mind the recent posts from Craig.?


Push out microsims looking good Smiley Happy


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by: philiplittle40
on: 28/03/2012 | 17:16
after being informed of a dud sim from someone I sent to I then tested remaining 70 ish sims from my box and found 3 more unprovisioned sims. Best to check them all.
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by: rochessel
on: 28/03/2012 | 17:19
Personally I check every signal sim that I recieve now as too many mistakes being made sadly
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by: stealthybigboss2
on: 28/03/2012 | 17:56
thanks for information!
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