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UPDATE: Activation Process Back up

Started by: clairekav
On: 29/07/2010 | 12:50
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by: clairekav
former giff-staffer

on: 29/07/2010 | 12:50 edited: 29/07/2010 | 15:10



We're currently doing some upgrades to our backend - which is impacting activations.


If you're trying to activate your SIM at the moment - please grab yourself a cup of tea and try back again this afternoon.


We're working furiously to get things turned around as quick as possible, sorry for the inconvenience!


Cheers, Claire


Update (15.07): Activations are back working - please note, it make take between 30 minutes up to 1 hour for your SIM to activate. If you have attempted to activate your SIM this morning, it should be queued and processing.


If you've tried today, and it hasn't activated by tomorrow morning please contact an agent.


Cheers, Claire

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by: jack17938
on: 29/07/2010 | 12:53 edited: 29/07/2010 | 12:54

Many thanks for the information.


How long do you think the systems will be down?



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by: danielscott
on: 29/07/2010 | 13:09

What happens if people have already kicked off the activation process, will it stay stuck on those screens for a good few hours till this is sorted?

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by: danielscott
on: 29/07/2010 | 14:47

My partner wanted a second sim card, she has just activated a spread the word sim I give her thats linked to my account and the activation was successful. 

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by: s99ane
on: 30/07/2010 | 10:09
I have tried to activate my sim since 4pm yesterday. My accounts shows a balance etc but I still have no network and it's after 10am the next morning. Any help would be appreciated.
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by: simon69c
on: 30/07/2010 | 10:34

That's something to ask an agent about I think as it's account related.  Normally with the balance showing that would imply that the SIM is activated though - are you sure your phone is unlocked and the SIM installed correctly?

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by: gmeh12
on: 30/07/2010 | 13:23

Same problem here, just activated a new sim, account showing active, but can not make calls, my phone is not locked, tried sim in another unlocked phone still the same................

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by: ukheather
on: 30/07/2010 | 13:51

I activated today too but can't make or receive calls even though I am apparantly fully activated

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by: s99ane
on: 30/07/2010 | 13:52

My phone is on o2 which should not be an issue.


I tried my sim in my old phone which i have used with giffgaff for over a month and still no joy.

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by: anthonydclark
on: 30/07/2010 | 13:58
can an agent please update the walls as there is an issue going on here tonnes of people having same problems on walls an update will be useful.
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