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[resolved] giffgaff website unavailable - 19 Apr 2017

Started by: t_will
On: 19/04/2017 | 12:48
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by: harrrrrry
on: 19/04/2017 | 22:06



If the dashboard is not showing your goodybag, it might be worth dialling the shortcodes:


Balancetext balance*100*5# (NOTE: unlimited texts will display as 0 with no expiry date)


goodybag balance




remaining airtime credit



If the first two show a value, that will confirm you have a goodybag. The last one will let you check whether your calls are coming from the goodybag or from credit.


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by: julesg78
on: 19/04/2017 | 22:28 edited: 19/04/2017 | 22:31

I've done a sim swap for my mum this evening and it hasn't gone through yet? 

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by: django21
on: 19/04/2017 | 23:30
Didnt effect me, but thanks for updates
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by: don_hamza9
on: 20/04/2017 | 03:06

Can i have 1p so i can top up,  have 1p missing off my credit ive not had my data on or anything like that and i didnt make any calls to any numbers ? I need 1p so i can get a goody bag thanks

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by: 4128334
on: 20/04/2017 | 07:44



 This a glitch that giffgaff do not seem to be able to fix. 

 If you contact an Agent who is the only one with access to your account and will be able to refund the 1p. 

 Use the following link to contact:- 

 Allow up to 24hrs for a reply but usually quicker. 

 See Agent's replies at the following link:-

 I hope you get this sorted out quickly and to your satisfaction. 

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by: rebellad
on: 20/04/2017 | 11:35

@t_will; thanks for the update.

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by: aggy_agate
community giff-staffer

on: 20/04/2017 | 14:20

Hi folks,


It has been confirmed that the queue has now been cleared and everything is back and running. Your account should be up to date. 


Apologies to everyone who was affected. 




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by: 8yra
on: 20/04/2017 | 14:27
im still having issues logging into dashboard.
and how can someone send a message to an agent??? when i dont know the agent name (as the TO field is unpopulated).
in any case today is not a good day, and the statuses posted are not true.

im without sms and the dashboard is failing. best of all, theres no way to formally complain (other than go to ombudsman service or resolver).

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by: germansheppard234
on: 20/04/2017 | 14:48
@aggy_agate hi, it appears now on mobile on main page since new gg promotion at top, posts and blogs not loading on main page but u can get to HS page no problem cheers
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by: aggy_agate
community giff-staffer

on: 20/04/2017 | 14:53

@8yra I'm sorry to hear you're having a problem with your dashboard, however, this won't be related to the one resolved. Please reach out to Agents here and they'll be able to help you. 


If you need to make an official complaint please have a read here

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