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£1.1 Million Paying Back

former giff-staffer

Our very first payback way back in May 2010 it was just £27k, which at the time we thought that was phenomenal – we could have never imagined reaching £1.1milllion just 2 short years later.


We continue to be blown away by our members commitment to helping giffgaff grow, helping other members in the community, facebook and twitter, helping with testing, building applications, coming up with ideas the list goes on.


This truly is one of our favourite times of the year when we get to give back to our members that have supported giffgaff over the past 6 months – there really is a nice feeling in the office, giving back £1.1 million is just incredible.

Also, incredibly our two top earners have earned more than our very first payback, earning over £29k between them.


Thanks again to all our members that have helped to make giffgaff so successful.


giffgaff – continues to be run by you!


The giffgaff team


total.jpgtop earner.jpg


A few quick Q&A's, just in case you’re new and not sure what Payback is all about: 


What is Payback? giffgaff believes in mutuality - so when members help us grow by introducing friends and family, or help out in the community by answering questions, developing new ideas or creating applications we reward them through Payback.


How do I know if I have points? Your points are displayed in My giffgaff. Your points widget will display the points you’ve earned between 1st December 2010 and 31st May 2012.   


How do I get my points paid back to me? Simply select how you’d like your payback, Credit, Cash (via paypal if you’ve earned £10+) or donate to the community selected Charity Ummah Welfare trust (see here for more info)


What if I don’t make a selection before 12th June? Any points earned between 1st Dec and 31st May will roll over to the next payback period. Any points earned prior to 1st Dec 2011 will expire. 


oooo Smiley Happy love the pay back got 11p hahah Smiley Wink

mad scientist
>I think there must be some Giffgaff adicts out there.  One can earn a living on the forum.< Not sure about earning a living on the forum as the max you can earn is around £30 a month. To earn more would mean getting lots of referrals.

@dan1elle I don't think you could earn a living from GG ok the extra money dose help but couldn't earn a living


I got 9 pence. Thanks giffgaff!


my first payback £47 after only 5 month with GG !!!!

and the big big earner can make a living on it for a bit as it's mostly on gaining new members .....


every penny helps...and them pennies sure do mount up Smiley Wink thanks giffgaff


truely is remarkable to hear Smiley Happywell done giffgaffers we love you all<3


well done gg 


Made a good fathers day present Smiley Wink

lives and breathes giffgaff

Thank you giffgaff