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1 Second Everyday App: Video Has Never Felt so Good


Social video is set to become the biggest breakthrough of 2018; however, it isn’t always easy to take videos of your life and edit them together. Plus, the more time we spend trying to create perfect videos for our friends, the more they lose their authenticity and rawness.



The 1 second everyday app helps you to take videos in 1 second bursts. In one tap the app ‘stitches’ one second videos taken over a day, week, month, or any period you choose. The final result is a stunning video which gives people an insight into your life.


The 1SE app is great for special events and holidays. You can easily summarise your day in video form and share on social media. One of the things I like most about this app is that it is very easy to use. I don’t have to mess around with editing software or learn a new skillset.


The 1SE app also comes with a built-in journal for storing memories in the ‘traditional’ way. You can also convert any 1 second video into a looping gif and share on social media.


Life can get so busy that we sometimes forget to take a second to enjoy unique moments. We are all connected but also plugged out of reality. Many people go to a party only to take countless selfies. They go on holiday only to take as many pictures and video as possible. We spend so much time picking the perfect moments in order to give people a polished version of our life. And while ‘sharing’ instead of living in the moment, we miss out on those real-life experiences which can’t be replicated.


The 1 second everyday app is a good medium. You can open the app, tap a button and a memory is captured. This leaves you free to carry on your day and capture more 1 second moments.


I was amazed at how much can be shared in just 1-second. You can capture so much emotion in 1 second.


After some days using the 1SE app, it began to have a profound effect on me. I realised that my life is quite repetitive and I began to try new things in order to produce better videos. Plus the videos I shared on social media encouraged others to join me on my new hobbies.


Final thoughts


It can be tempting to share a polished version of your life on social media; however, people respond better to the real, uncomfortable stuff. Live your life to the fullest and share a window into your life with the 1SE app.


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i'm new. so i'll say about my today could even get to starbucks coffoe and i so glad i still get paid and didnt even go to work. YAY Heart


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