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10 Reasons Why giffgaff is The UK's Best Mobile Network


On paper, the idea of a mobile network run by members, no branches, and payback sounds bonkers, but that is what makes giffgaff special. Prior to becoming a giffgaff member, I was locked into a long contract and my provider seemed to change the terms whenever they felt like. A friend gave me a giffgaff sim, and I have been here for many years.


Here are 10 reasons why giffgaff is the UK’s best mobile network... in my opinion.



1) Freedom


woman-1820868_1920Freedom to move plans - Image source: Pixabay

At giffgaff you aren’t locked into any contracts. You can change your plan/goodybag whenever you feel like. Plus, if you choose to leave, we would be sad, but won’t put anything in the way. You are free to change your plan whenever you want. For instance, if you need more data, minutes or texts, you can simply select the plan which suits.



2) giffgaff payback


Can you think of another U.K network that pays you for inviting your friends or being part of the community


Neither can I.


Twice a year giffgaff gives out ‘payback’. This can be taken as a cash deposit, contribution to charity, or in the form of mobile credit.



3) Unlocked phones


FireShot Capture 227 - Mobile Phone Deals from giffgaff - https___www.giffgaff.com_mobile-phones.pnggiffgaff phone marketplace

 The giffgaff marketplace is one of the safest places to purchase a smartphone. Each phone is unlocked and gives you free access to more than 8000 Wifi hotspots in the U.K. You can also purchase refurbished phones which have been checked by specialists, come with a 6 month warranty, and no quibbles returns. This beats buying a smartphone from a stranger.




4) Get a great price for your used smartphone


FireShot Capture 232 - Sell my phone for cas_ - https___www.giffgaff.com_mobile-phones_sell-my-phone.png



You can sell your smartphone directly to giffgaff.


1) Enter your phone model and condition.

2) Provide a bit more information. This takes about 30 seconds.

3) If you are happy with the offer giffgaff will mail you a prepaid envelope.

4) Pop your phone in the package and mail it back.

5) Money is deposited into your account within 1 business day of the phone reaching giffgaff.


This beats the typical way of selling a used phone online which takes a long time and leaves you open to scammers.



5) 24/7 customer service- even on Christmas day


The wonderful giffgaff members are also part of the customer service team. This is made possible via payback. Some members don’t care about payback and simply like to help people. Post a question in the forums and get a reply quickly. It could be about the network, phones etc.



6) Free credit report for life


FireShot Capture 233 - Free Credit Report I _ - https___www.giffgaff.com_gameplan_free_credit_report.png




giffgaff recently partnered up with Call Credit in order to provide detailed-and-easy to understand credit reports. The free credit report also comes with the following features:


- Get an alert when there is a change in your credit score. This is useful if someone steals your identity and tries to apply for a loan or credit card. Instead of finding out months later, you get instant notification so that you can alert the authorities.


- Detailed tips on how to improve your credit score.


- Fine the best finance deals, and pay less for utilities - all part of giffgaff gameplan.



7) Cheap international calls


FireShot Capture 234 - International calling with giffgaff - https___www.giffgaff.com_international.png


giffgaff’s rates are always transparent. You get cheap international rates. Simply type in the country and giffgaff will give you a breakdown of rates. Your giffgaff sim is international so you can take it to the EU and selected destinations. Therefore, your goodybag allowance remains active, so there are no surprises when you get home.



8) Free giffgaff-to-giffgaff calls


Invite your friends to giffgaff and pay nothing when you phone each other. In order for this offer to remain active, you need to do one of the following at least once every 3 months:


- Top up £10 or more

- Receive £10 or more in credit from another giffgaff user

- Purchase a goodybag/gigabag of £5 or more



9) A network run by members


When giffgaff say a network ‘run by you’ it isn’t just a marketing slogan. Some members go on to become giffgaff agents from home, start their own sub communities, or publish tips and guides. All the tutorials on the giffgaff Youtube channel were created by members.


Do you have an idea which would improve giffgaff? Post it in Labs and it could be pushed out to millions of members.



10) Simplicity


giffgaff makes it very easy to manage all aspects of your phone’s plan without needing to visit a store. In fact, giffgaff doesn’t have a branch, because it isn’t needed. You can transfer your number, buy a goodybag, get your questions answered, and gain access to giffgaff’s free member perks from your phone, tablet or computer.


Unlike some phone networks, giffgaff simplifies each step, making it incredibly easy to gain control.



Final thoughts


Hope you found this post interesting. If you have a friend who is sitting on the fence about joining giffgaff, share this post with them.


What do you get from giffgaff which you can’t get from other networks? Choose the top one and post it in the comments section below.


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Giffgaff is good, no doubt about it but it's pricing isn't as competitive as it was in the early days. Use 3 as my main mobile provider but Giffgaff as my reserve/back-up option.


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