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10 beautiful RED iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus cases


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Here are the best cases for the recently released PRODUCT (RED) editions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Our selection includes red cases that'll match the look of the RED iPhone, clear cases that let the red colour shine through and lovely cases in complementary colours. Even if you don't have the new colour, you might still love the look of these cases, so let's explore them together!


We'll try to select cases that are available for both models and link to each, but generally there are more options for the smaller iPhone -- apologies to Plus owners.

1. Unique Polka 360 Clear Case - £15

Unique Polka 360 Case iPhone 7 Case - Champagne Gold


for iPhone 8


The Unique Polka 360 is a great place to start our roundup. This case is sadly only available for the regular size iPhone 8, but looks absolutely gorgeous with the red body of the iPhone showing through the transparent back. The case includes a swirl of Swarovski crystals that glitter in the light and draw the eye, while the slim-fitting design provides the nominal protection your new iPhone deserves.

2. Olixar ExoShield Tough Snap-On Case - £10

Olixar ExoShield Tough Snap-on iPhone 7 Case  - Crystal Clear


for iPhone 8


The Olixar ExoShield is another strong choice, offering a fully transparent design that makes it easy to see the unique colour of the RED iPhone 8. The case has excellent protective credentials, providing strong resistance to drops and knocks. The case also comes with an anti-slip coating designed to prevent drops and other accidents in the first place. If you want to protect your phone and keep its signature red colour, this is a great choice.

3. ThanoTech K11 Aluminium Bumper - £25

pK3GEU6.jpg (1005×500)


for iPhone 8 / for iPhone 8 Plus


If you want to preserve the look of your PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, a bumper case can be a great choice. This example from emerging brand ThanoTech is wrought from strong yet stylish aluminium, providing good protection while letting the red front and back remain highly visible. You can choose black or pink colour schemes, both of which serve as a nice contrast the red colour of the new iPhone.

4. Moshi Vitros Slim Case - £20

1eDvUKg.jpg (1076×352)


for iPhone 8 / for iPhone 8 Plus


The Moshi Vitros is a super slim case that still provides a good level of protection, keeping the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus from getting its screen scratched, corners chipped or body dented. You can find this case in Rose Gold, but the Black model is the one that I really recommend.

5. Kajsa Resort Collection Stripe Pattern Case - £17

Kajsa Resort Collection Stripe Pattern iPhone 8 / 7 Case - Red


for iPhone 8


This case isn't transparent, but its stylish red design is a nice evolution of the Product RED iPhone 8. With the beautiful red front face and this interesting striped back, you'll be left with a one-of-a-kind iPhone!

6. UAG Plasma Protective Ice Case - £25

UAG Plasma iPhone 8 / 7 Protective Case - Ice / Black


for iPhone 8


This semi-transparent case will hint at the red colour of your iPhone 8, while providing a tough look and feel that will protect your smartphone too. The case comes with TORX screws, a textured back panel and reinforced corners, allowing it to protect your iPhone 8 and look good doing so. All in all, a strong case option in more ways than one!

7. LifeProof Lava Chaser Case - £35

Lifeproof Slam IPhone 8 / 7 Case - Lava Chaser


for iPhone 8


The LifeProof Slam is a convincing combination of a super protective case and a stylish red-tinged design. The case has a lava red bumper encircling the phone's rear panel, which is left clear to show off the colour of your iPhone 8 within. The case's protective chops are almost unparalleled, allowing your phone to survive most drops from two metres, even onto hard materials like concrete. Awesome, dude!

8. UAG Plyo Tough Protective Case - £25

ASBmvpr.jpg (910×450)


for iPhone 8


Our second UAG case to be featured, the Plyo is a slimmer case with a simpler design. Still, reinforced corners ensure that the case provides good drop protection and the screen remains off any surface the phone is resting on. Once again, there are multiple colour options available; you can go for a matching red colour scheme or a complementary black colourway. Either way, you're left with a stylish and well-protected slim case.

9. Olixar MeshTex Brazen Red - £13

Olixar MeshTex iPhone 8 / 7 Case - Brazen Red


for iPhone 8 / for iPhone 8 Plus


The Olixar MeshTex wraps your iPhone 8 in a red colour scheme, making it the perfect choice for the special edition iPhone as well as the more usual rose gold, space grey and silver colourways. The case is breathable, allowing your iPhone to cool down when it's working hard, with a grippy feel that helps to prevent accidental slips and drops. This case is also slim and inexpensive, ensuring it doesn't make a massive dent in your wallet or your pocket.

10. VRS Design Damda Glide - £25

AWlZgy5.jpg (1460×725)


for iPhone 8 / for iPhone 8 Plus


The VRS Design Damda Slide is a stylish red case that once again works with any colour iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. The case's raison d'etre is its concealed card storage, which allow you to keep your important cash, cards or IDs with you without advertising their presence. The case also provides a good level of protection, in exchange for slightly thicker dimensions. Regardless, the bright red colour and unique functionality make this an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus case worth considering!

Wrapping up

Thanks for checking out the article! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and feel free to share your own recommendations as well. Thanks again and we'll see you on the next article!


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