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492 winners so far in our giffgaff goodies £20,000 give away

former giff-staffer

We had a phenomenal response to last week’s challenge, with record numbers of people logging in last week. 

Many logging in for the first time, reading posts, voting in the weekly poll, reading and supporting member generated ideas - you'll see in the quick graph below, the bar with the star on it is the day we launched the challenge and shows the number of login's.


I'm sure you'll agree the last week has been really great - with lots of new people adding their news and views, and it has continued to stay a bit busier too.


Congratulations to Emma2544, another recent joiner – was picked at random from the members who participated in last Challenge #2 - which was to login and have a look around the community. Have fun spending £1500 worth of Amazon vouchers!


We’ve also drawn 328 more names – bringing the total of prize winners so far to 492, check the giffgaff goodies winners post to see if your membername is on there.


Don’t forget to update your postal details under my giffgaff to make sure your prize is sent to the right place


Challenge #3 – details are coming soon, keep an eye on the Welcome and News board... it might not be so easy this week for everyone.








Unlucky This Time. Looking Forward For The Next Challenge Smiley Very Happy And Congratz To All The Winners Smiley Very Happy


Congratz to all the winners Smiley Happy!!!

Congratulations 2 all the winners of the challenges so far and congrats 2 Emma on winning this challenge. Hopefully every1 who wins enjoys their prizes and hopefully every1 has fun in tge challenges, taking part is the most important thing that counts but GOOD LUCK 2 EVERY1!!!

grats to all winners so far. I dowt I'll win anything i never do win on evetns guess me got no good luck lol


Lucky you Emma. Congratulations =)

Congratulations Emma lucky you enjoy
Enjoy every penny! I'm sure it'll come in handy !!

thats a lot of prize well done to all.


challenge 3 is poor. No way am I storing my card details on your server. You really lost me on this one. who ever came up with it should be slapped Smiley Happy gently of course but still slap them please . Thanks Smiley Happy


Well done Emma! 



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Hmmm... Another thing I haven't won! Brilliant!