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Hi all,


Following on from our recent update, you will probably be aware that we’re planning to launch 4G by the end of March 2014 and we would love to get your input into what we ultimately deliver.


This is the first of two 4G member consultations, with a strong focus on the 4G set up experience page which we are proposing, to offer support if and when you decide to make the switch from 3G to 4G on giffgaff. This consultation will remain open until 5pm on Friday 29th November.


There will be a further consultation in January where we will decide on the 4G offer, so be sure to join us in the New Year as well.


Let’s get started. The first question is ‘what exactly will we need in order to get set up on 4G?’ Well, we’re glad you asked – there are three key things that you will need in order to get the best experience on 4G and these are all outlined below.


First of all (and perhaps most obviously), you’ll need 4G coverage in your area. The 4G network is getting stronger all the time, so it makes sense that members should have the opportunity to check for coverage in real time. We have suggested the introduction of a coverage map, which will enable members to search for 3G and 4G coverage by postcode.


In addition, you’ll need a SIM card with 4G settings pre-installed. If you’ve only recently joined giffgaff, then chances are that you will already have a 4G SIM, but if you’ve been with us for a while then we’d recommend a SIM swap before moving to 4G. To make it easy to see whether you need to carry out a SIM swap, we have proposed a SIM check, which will  tell you whether you have a 4G SIM or not when you type in your phone number.


Finally, you will need a 4G phone with the latest settings in order to use 4G. If you already have a 4G ready device, then happy days – just make sure that you have installed the latest software and you’re ready to go. For those of your who have yet to upgrade to a 4G device, we will be in a much stronger position to support you with the  upcoming launch of handsets on giffgaff, so we are proposing that we link through to some of the most popular 4G devices from this page.


Please take a look at the proposed 4G setup page below and let us know what you think (don't worry - it gets bigger if you click on it) – we want to hear any thoughts you might have about how we could improve the structure and content of the page so that we are making the set up experience as easy as possible. To get stuck in, head over to our community page and leave your thoughts and comments there.


4G Setup Page - click to enlarge


As always – a big thank-you for your help – your input is essential in making sure that we’re meeting your needs.



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former giff-staffer

Hi all, 

To take part in this consultation, please head over to the community post to leave your comments.