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UPDATED 7/11: Hi everyone - we have been busy preparing for the first member consultation and are looking forward to getting stuck in. We want to make sure that we are getting the best results possible and so we've moved the date back until next week whilst we get a couple of bit prepared for the consultation.


Hi all,


We can’t quite believe it’s already October, but 2013 is proving to be a (seriously) busy and exciting year here at giffgaff. Following a number of member consultations, we have made changes to improve our goodybags, reduced our international pricing and we’re well on our way with launching handsets later in the year. In case that wasn’t enough, we have also been working on plans for our 4G launch as well, our biggest upgrade to network speeds in years.


We are planning to launch 4G by the end of March 2014 and a massive 4,600 of you have already given really useful input into the 4G project by taking part in our members’ survey earlier this year. There’s a load more that we would like to know before launching to make sure that we’re getting this right, so we’re also planning a few more consultations before launching 4G by the end of March 2014.


Some of the foundations for 4G on giffgaff are already taking shape - the 4G network is getting stronger as we move into the back end of 2013, building the pipeline we will need to pump data through at 4G speeds. In addition, a few of you have noticed a change in our new SIM settings which have been made to optimise your experience on 4G and, of course, we’re launching a new giffgaff handset store to make it easier to get a 4G ready phone if and when you decide to make the switch from 3G.


We want to ensure that members are involved in the development of 4G on giffgaff and would like to ask for your help to shape our plans going forward:


  • In the first week of November, we will have a consultation on the 4G setup process and how you would like us to support you if you choose to make the switch over to 4G in the new year.
  • Then, in January, we will have a look at the specific 4G offer together to determine what we will ultimately deliver in March.

Hopefully as many of you as possible will be able to get involved – the more input we get the better we will be able to meet your needs.




Nice to finally hear some official word on 4G! I'll be looking forward to hearing more information on this and providing my feedback Smiley Happy


Also, kind of freaky that i hopped on the site to see if there was any word on 4G exactly 1 minute after this blog was posted...

lives and breathes giffgaff

Thanks for the Update Smiley Happy 


Just a question when will the 4G coming soon/news page will be put up ? 


That's awesome news Mark. The updates about 4G just dropped off the radar after the survey Smiley Sad @as7861 has given you a link to create a 4G update page. Could you give an indication as to when this will be implemented?


Can't wait Smiley Very Happy


Thank you for the update, I'm 50/50 when it comes to 4G for me it's all down to cost & if 4G is alot faster than my current HSPA or not

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It would technically be faster Smiley Happy But you may need a 4G phone tho Smiley Happy 


@as7861, Yes I know & my Huawei Y300 isn't that old lol so if I do go with 4G it will be next year maybe half way through see how it goes

lives and breathes giffgaff

Wondering tho if the member experiance fund would be avaliable to improving 4G rollout onto giffgaff ? 


Answered within another thread Smiley Happy 


Don't think my Nokia 3330 is 1g let alone 4g!    Time for an upgrade lol


Cannot wait for 4G on Giffgaff! This innovation is what makes this the best mobile network in the uk!

Great news hearing that we are getting 4g next year., I better hold off buying a new phone just yet then, 

If the price of using 4g isn't too expensive then I'll be very happy Smiley Happy