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7 Myths About VPNs And How to Choose The Right One


VPNs have become increasingly popular. This is partly due to the increasing internet surveillance, hacks and censorship. However, there are many myths surrounding VPNs, mainly spread by people with a vested interest. VPNs are very useful, but it is worth knowing the truth about how they work.


100% Privacy


Most VPNs promise 100% anonymity; however, that isn’t exactly true. In order to truly ‘disappear’ online you need to take other actions besides using a VPN. For instance, if you are logged in to Chrome while using a VPN, google would know everything that you are doing. The same goes for Facebook. You need to change your Google, Facebook, and internet tracking settings before using a VPN.



Protects from viruses


Unfortunately some people believe that a VPN will protect them from all the nasty things on the web. A VPN won’t protect you from identity theft or viruses. A VPN is just one of the tools you need in the ‘online battle’. For all of the other elements check out my post on how people get hacked, and how to avoid falling victim.



“All VPNs are the same”


Walk into any clothing store, and you will quickly realise that there are differences in quality, and it isn’t always related to price. This is similar in the VPN industry. There are hundreds of popular services, and it can be difficult to choose.


At first glance, they all have the same features, but here are the things to consider when choosing a service.


- Number of servers and locations


One way VPN services try to save money is to buy less servers. However, this can reduce speed, especially during periods of high activity.


- Encryption and log keeping


Some VN services keep logs and submit to the government. On the other hand, some keep anonymised logs, while others keep no logs at all. Some don’t have a choice but to keep logs. This is due to the privacy laws in their respective counties.


Notably, Switzerland is outside of US and E.U restrictions. They have one of the world’s strongest privacy laws. Therefore, a VPN service based in Switzerland isn’t required to keep logs of their users. This is why I use ProtonVPN. It is Swiss-based, keeps no logs and encrypts traffic. Moreover, they have a free, no strings plan for those who want to try them out.



“I am free to view any content with a VPN”


Having a VPN doesn’t mean you are allowed to view illegal content. This changes on a country-to-country basis. If you get caught, your computer will have logs.


The people I know who use VPNs don’t do it because they want to do something illegal. Personally, I like the feeling of freedom, and the knowledge that my online activity isn’t being logged.



“ I don’t need a VPN because I have nothing to hide”


You don’t have anything to hide on your phone, but it still has a passcode. Privacy is important to humans all around the world. Even people living in the Amazon have curtains on their hut entrance.


We are quickly approaching a world in which massive amounts of data get collected just in case. Why is the government so keen to keep tabs on everyone?



“VPNs are illegal”


VPNs are legal; however, U.K based VPN providers are required to make their logs accessible to the government. The same goes for internet service providers. This is due to the investigatory powers act of 2014.


You could be violating laws by using a VPN while on holiday. Here are the countries which ban VPN use.



Final thoughts


VPNs are incredibly useful tools in the fight against online tracking. However, you need to be careful of your choice of service. Personally, I use ProtonVPN, but you can also check out the 5 Free VPNs I recommend.


What are your thoughts on VPNs and/or increased internet surveillance. Let the community know in the comments section below.

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Finally know what it is. Thank you for great article.


Windscribe VPN is free and gives you 10Gb per month or 15 if you tweet for them.


Good blog. I tend to use Tunnel Bear but you only get 500Mb free per month. Will checkout ProtonVPN. Thanks.


Great post thanks @abdulf


I already use Proton mail, it's an excelllent service & with all the sercuriity problems around at the moment I'll probably sign up to ProtonVPN also.


Thanks @abdulf i'm looking for a new vpn I will try protonvpn

top cat

Hi @abdulf


Thankyou for your insight into vpn it makes it a lot clearer what they are about,the only bit i didn't quite understand is about being logged into google when using a vpn so do you log out of goggle then log back in when you have vpn or do you just not log back in to google at all ?


Thanks (im not very techie so forgive me if this is a plonka question Smiley Very Happy)


Hi @ray2 No worries mate. 


If you login to your Google account on Google Chrome, they will still know every site you visited, how long you spent there, etc. Therefore, it is better to use another browser with a VPN or logout of your Google account inside the Chrome settings. 


Hope this helps. 

top cat

Hi @abdulf


That makes it much clearer,thankyou ,i shall look into this now Smiley Happy