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A £20 goodybag, giffgaff labs and much more revealed

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Hi all,


Gosh, there is so much to reveal in this blog post I hardly know where to start...


First of, as always a thank you to everyone for the fantastic feedback and support you continue to give giffgaff. It really is what makes giffgaff giffgaff.


We've always said that we want to keep things simple here at giffgaff and that is what we'll continue to try and do. That's also why we've initially said we did not want to add any more goodybags until we had seen how well they fared and to keep things simple.


Well, I can tell you goodybags have been extremely well received and on top of that we have been overwhelmed with great suggestions for implementing even more goodybags. Most notably a £20 goodybag to fill the gap between our brilliant £15 goodybag and our truly unlimited £35 goodybag. 


As always we have taken your feedback on board and can now reveal we are implementing a brand new £20 goodybag as of September the 6th, which will include 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet. 


A special thanks should go out to englishbeer, xpz393, tobyriding and ragnorak for championing this idea. Thanks guys for your continued effort and support of giffgaff. As always, much appreciated.


Over the last couple of Months many more great ideas for what a goodybag should or shouldn't contain have come up in the community. But of course we can't implement them all, as that would get rather messy. As we want to stick to simplicity but somehow still offer choice and implement community suggestions, how do we do that?


We think the solution can be found in what we like to call 'giffgaff labs' Smiley Happy


What is goodybag labs you ask me?


Well, it is a goodybag that continuously changes. It never stops evolving and with great input from the community we can try out new ideas very quickly. Each time we come up with an idea together, we run the goodybag for two or three Months and see how successful it is and then implement another. 


The idea for the first 'labs goodybag' comes from reading your  feedback. On quite a few occasions we found comments from people saying that their usage wasn't always predictable. Some months you use much more minutes than others. Which made the choice for which goodybag to buy harder as you did not want to run out. 


The first goodybag to come out of the giffgaff labs hopes to fulfil the need for variable use and at 2p a minute and 1p per text for £5 a Month we feel we've hit just the right mark. 


This way you don't have to worry about big bills and you pay exactly for what you need.


I hope you all like it and although we have a few other giffgaff labs goodybags in mind, we would love your ideas on what you would like to see. Giffgaff labs is truly a new platform for innovation where we're happy to trial new and different ideas. So head over to the contribute section of our forum and flesh out your own ideas with the help of the rest of our community.


In addition to all of this, we have even more good news for you as we have changed a few of our existing goodybags.


We improved our £10 goodybag, which now contains an additional 50% more minutes, bringing it up to 150 minutes.


And we created even better value by bringing our £35 goodybag down to £30 for a truly unlimited experience.


And on top of all of this, we've decided not to forget our those members who do not use our goodybags and extended the free 100mb a day mobile internet until the 1st of December.


To give a few more days to implement all of these changes, we will continue to run with the half price goodybags until September the 5th.


I am very excited to see your ideas for giffgaff labs in the coming Months and hope all this has put a smile on everyone's face.




3 & 1p for 5 bloody pounds I think I'm goin to cry ,^~^, Thankyou 'sniff' giff 'sniff' gaffers '^_^'
Seeing as £15 is 300 mins, unlmtd Txts, unlmtd Internet, I believe the £20 goodybag should have an extra 600 mins, so 900mins, ulmtd txts and unlmtd texts. This would undercut vodafone by £5 and would have no contract.
Sorry I misunderstood this thread, disregard the above comment.
GiffGaff is getting better and better.

Well done to the Giff! improvements all around. Ignore the ones who moan about it


i reakon for the 20 Pounds goodybag they should do somet like 3000 mins and unlimited text Internet!! That way everyone happy enough minutes worth the 20 Pounds and unlimited text cant go wrong likewise with the net!!!! Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy


£20 for 600 mins/unlimited text/"unlimited data"/free Operator2operator calls is what I am paying at present on my O2 simplicity contract. Which for me makes GG's £20 goodybag competitive but no reason to replace that contract with GG. If it were 800 or 1000 minutes then I would (I'm not bothered about the texts but the data is *extremely* important).


I hasten to add I am very happy with the GG service so far on my other mobile... enough to move my wife's ASDA PAYG to GG.


Best Regards... Ian

(GiffGaffing since Jan 2010, Internetting since 1985)




I agree GG must think of low end users to give limited calls and limited texts goodybag option for £5 (like for example 100 minutes of calls or 200 texts or any mix of these such that every 1 minute reduces 2 text allowance out of 200)... in essence GG it is like charging £5 against a value of £8 otherwise (using airtime).




must say the £5 goodybag labs will be great - can't wait to try it out!! Then, we just need to figure out the real costs of data come the new year, but that's another page of the giffgaff story.


HI All

I've just got an idearrr that giffgaff should give £10 by transfering our old number to giffgaff.