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A Call From Santa App Review - Contact Santa Directly

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Christmas is a very exciting but busy time for Santa and his Elves. The reindeer and practising their takeoffs and landings, the Elves are busy making toys for all the good girls and boys and then we have Santa checking his list, twice. For many years it has been possible to receive a letter from Santa thanks to the magic of the Royal Mail, but now, as technology moves forward, we have the use of smart devices to contact him directly. 

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One great way is by using an app called 'Santa Claus'. This app has the real Santa waiting for you to call. He is ready to find out if you have been good and what you would like for Christmas. Children love hearing from Santa and this app does so much more than just a quick call.



So what exactly does it do?

It connects to Santa. You don't need credit or a data connection (you only need data if you want Santa to say your name, full version needed). The app mimics a real phone when calling so the child will believe it really is a proper call. You will connect to Santa's voicemail and have a lot of options while there. You can give Santa your wish list, put someone on the naughty or nice list, check what Santa is currently up to, find out what the weather is like way up there in the North Pole, days left, learn what the reindeer names are and also leave a voice message. 


 You can get Santa to call a person at a certain time; he will read out their name (Paid app), age and give them a message, this may be an encouragement to get the kid to eat their meal, go to sleep, brush their teeth, stop sucking their thumb and many more. You can also select voice messages from Santa like wishing someone a happy birthday, check if still behaving, Santa can't wait to visit and to ensure that Santa really is real. Options are there to move children back to the nice list due to things like being nice to mummy, daddy, friends and people in general.



Calling Santa screen and Incoming call 


In the settings you have the option to change him from 'Santa Claus' to 'Father Christmas' if you prefer. If you have the paid for version you will get these extra features: Require passcode to enter settings - Black call after call received - Hide "Schedule a Call" in Menu - No Advertising - Santa saying your name - Santa knowing your likes such as hobbies, sports, foods and activities.


 You can text Santa as well, the replies might be a little strange though, might be all that brandy people leave out for him. It is good fun reading his replies, though.


Here is a quick video Flaxvert and Mini Flax made showing some of the features 


Get it for free on Android HERE

Get it for free on iTunes HERE

The full version currently costs £1.79. The developers Net Unlimited have more apps, you can check them out HERE


I hope you find this app useful, I have tried it on two kids now and they are amazed by it! So please let me know in the comments below if you would use this app or if you have any other good apps you can recommend for me to try Smiley Happy 



Flaxvert loves making vids, all those years in amateur dramatics are paying off. Blogging every Friday, if you want me to review an Android app just ask.  

(All pics and videos are from the actual app). 



ace of spades

Ha ha, great @flaxvert made him laugh


Might try this on my 8 year old daughter. should be amusing if nothing else. thanks.

I am the matrix

It is a funny app, especially as Santa reads out the childs kids hobbies and likes! Santa sees all Smiley Happy hehe



What more does a child need for a Christmas present


Sounds like a great app. Will have to try it out 


This is a pretty cool idea!

This is a winner for anyone with small kids


This is far cheaper than taking kids to get their photo taken with a shopping mall Santa

Santa has found a way to cash in on Christmas!

I am the matrix

@jeff_elephant Just dont help him empty his sack.. no no no! Smiley Very Happy