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A first birthday update.....

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Believe it or not giffgaff launched its beta service nearly a year ago on 25th Nov 2009 and so I thought it would be good idea to share with you what we have planned in the countdown to our first birthday and beyond.


There’s been a lot happening here at the Old Rectory and the team has been very busy, from developing new products and rationalising old ones, to getting our facebook community to help us spread the word.


If you ‘Like’ giffgaff on facebook, then you have probably seen us adding extra minutes to our £10 goodybag.  We asked our facebook community to help us spread the word about giffgaff – the more they spread the word and the more “Likes” we got, the more minutes we added to the £10 goodybag. The good news is that we hit every target we set , so we’ve been able to add an extra 100 minutes.


So the £10 goodybag will have250 UK minutes, unlimited text and mobile internet for just £10 for any member buying it between 15th November and 31st December 2010.  It’s a special offer to say thanks for spreading the word.


We’re also going to be updating our giffgaff Labs offer – our current 2p calls / 1p text Lab will be replaced with an exciting new one at the beginning of December.  I can’t reveal too much about it at this stage, except to say it’s called “Hokey Cokey” and the fact that it’s quite unlike any product on the market today. Watch the blog for more details.


Remember too that we’re reaching the end of our second payback points earning period , so points earned between June and November will be paid out as cash, airtime balance or can be donated to our community nominated charity in early December.


With a couple of new products on the way and our 1st birthday coming around soon we’ve taken the opportunity to spring (autumn?) clean our goodybag range also.


As you know, goodybags have been a great success overall but the £30 goodybag has always struggled in the popularity stakes.  Even when we reduced the price its popularity didn’t pick up with less than 5% of our members taking it  – so in the spirit of only having winners in our range we’re sending it to the great tariff resting place in the sky. It’ll be sad to see it go but fans of it will have until 21st November to buy one before we take it off the sale rack.


We’re also removing some phone numbers from within all goodybag allowances as they break our Terms and Conditions.  These are being used for call forwarding services which aren’t part of the goodybag offer, so you can still call them, but outside of your goodybag allowance. 


And finally, I can announce that our free mobile internet offer, which was due to end on Dec 1st, is going to be extended until the end of February 2011.  As many of you know, we developed a pricing plan in consultation with our members for data used outside of our goodybags a while back and the implementation of this has been delayed again.


So that’s all for now – as always, we’re  interested in your views and feedback – so don’t be shy and post a comment.


The gaffer


@ elkay

If it was hurting giffgaff then it's obvious that they have lied to us as they gave reasons of unpopularity? Either way, this is a gaff of an epic proportion!

After reading all these posts, i think giffgaff will be losing a lot of customers Asda has just brought out £25 unlimited calls and texts. My trust and comfortability is diminishing fast now. My other half used the £30 goodybag, this was working for my friends and family. If my partner cant buy it any more then he will move on, I will follow and so will my friends and family.  BIG MISTAKE giffgaff  . . .  stay loyal to your customers.  Keep the £30 goodybag and keep your customers.


Thank you Sandra, I'll be popping down my local Asda over the coming week :-D


Giffgaff, it is disgusting the way you have treated your customers. To remove the £30 goodybag without an alternative or even any sort of consultation or notice is frankly DISGUSTING! You are going back on your word to be transparent and community driven network. You have lost my trust in you.


I'd venture that the £30 goodybag doesn't make gg any profit. Nor does free data, although it may attact people to the network and benefits all PAYG users.


This is very disappointing news indeed and i don't even use the £30 bag, what im disappointed about is the way my fellow giffgaff members that use this service have been treated, they have used this goodybag for a while and now it gets taken away at short notice without any community consultation or a suggestion of it being replaced by a similar tariff, thats poor for a company that prides itself on being community driven and i feel for the peeps who have been let down Smiley Sad


Also as a new member who is trying to persuade my friends and family to join this network its now going to make it extremely difficult to persuade them to leave their current provider, especially if they are a high minutes user as this was a major selling point and there are other companies doing a similar offer they may now consider instead, im sure im not the only new user who is going to have this problem now Smiley Frustrated


So to all those that may now leave if this situation is not resolved in some way, good luck i wish you all the best and you have my support Smiley Wink

30 pound goodbag gone I am almost in tears. Ah well never mind giffgaff will loose quite a few customers. Even worse is that I am 110 per cent sure it is NOT because of the lack of people using the bags, but the loss of money giffgaff is making on the 30 pound goodybag.
Gaffer why really are you getting rid of goodbags and please no bs. If giffgaff can't afford it fine but the truth would be lovely. Remember if it is not used by many people. (as you said) THEN IT IS NOT HURTING ANYONE LEAVE IT ALONE!
Oh btw happy birthday I did not buy you a present as you will not be giving me a goodybag when I leave your party!

I have no need for the £30 Goodybag, so don't mind it going.

But I do agree, Giffgaff went about this the wrong way.


I hope it's not a sign of how things will be in the year ahead.