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A first birthday update.....

handy giff-staffer

Believe it or not giffgaff launched its beta service nearly a year ago on 25th Nov 2009 and so I thought it would be good idea to share with you what we have planned in the countdown to our first birthday and beyond.


There’s been a lot happening here at the Old Rectory and the team has been very busy, from developing new products and rationalising old ones, to getting our facebook community to help us spread the word.


If you ‘Like’ giffgaff on facebook, then you have probably seen us adding extra minutes to our £10 goodybag.  We asked our facebook community to help us spread the word about giffgaff – the more they spread the word and the more “Likes” we got, the more minutes we added to the £10 goodybag. The good news is that we hit every target we set , so we’ve been able to add an extra 100 minutes.


So the £10 goodybag will have250 UK minutes, unlimited text and mobile internet for just £10 for any member buying it between 15th November and 31st December 2010.  It’s a special offer to say thanks for spreading the word.


We’re also going to be updating our giffgaff Labs offer – our current 2p calls / 1p text Lab will be replaced with an exciting new one at the beginning of December.  I can’t reveal too much about it at this stage, except to say it’s called “Hokey Cokey” and the fact that it’s quite unlike any product on the market today. Watch the blog for more details.


Remember too that we’re reaching the end of our second payback points earning period , so points earned between June and November will be paid out as cash, airtime balance or can be donated to our community nominated charity in early December.


With a couple of new products on the way and our 1st birthday coming around soon we’ve taken the opportunity to spring (autumn?) clean our goodybag range also.


As you know, goodybags have been a great success overall but the £30 goodybag has always struggled in the popularity stakes.  Even when we reduced the price its popularity didn’t pick up with less than 5% of our members taking it  – so in the spirit of only having winners in our range we’re sending it to the great tariff resting place in the sky. It’ll be sad to see it go but fans of it will have until 21st November to buy one before we take it off the sale rack.


We’re also removing some phone numbers from within all goodybag allowances as they break our Terms and Conditions.  These are being used for call forwarding services which aren’t part of the goodybag offer, so you can still call them, but outside of your goodybag allowance. 


And finally, I can announce that our free mobile internet offer, which was due to end on Dec 1st, is going to be extended until the end of February 2011.  As many of you know, we developed a pricing plan in consultation with our members for data used outside of our goodybags a while back and the implementation of this has been delayed again.


So that’s all for now – as always, we’re  interested in your views and feedback – so don’t be shy and post a comment.


The gaffer


Shame when you considered all this and had to take a decision you did not involve or inform the community and you just went ahead and did it and then once the decision is written in stone told us - people made decisions about their network based on a lie - that there is a ongoing unlimited goodybag  


I agree it might not be needed to consult the community on every issue at giffgaff as a lot of it, quite rightly, should be done 'behind closed doors'. However this is something which directly affects the community who works so hard to save you so much money and just to spring it on us out of the blue isn't fair on those who work hard in the community and enjoy an unlimited package in return.

Dear Gaffer are there any other Goodybags being considered for the chop? SF


@ giffgaffer.

Good to see you reply on this.


I hope this statement from yourself, will quell some of the

tension in the community.




I will get my coat - can the last person turn out the light 

You say it doesnt 'work out' financially, yet you can still extend the free internet offer for anyone who has bought a goodybag and just disregard your highest paying customers? And you didnt address the possibility of just having 3000 minutes or some sort of cap, so its just an upgrade from the previous goodybag as opposed to scrapping it altogether.. Also, we still have no idea why there has to be a change at all-we assume because it's not profitible, yet the free internet offer has been subsidised for quite some time now, which would not agree with GiffGaff being in a financially difficult situation.

Wow - theres certainly a lot of bile around here recently.


You people that can justify a £30 fee each month really should be on a contract anyway. This is pay you go!  This is for sensible people that use the phone when required and briefly. People who have real friends that visit each other.

Remember every 'free minute' you waste is a minute of your life gone!! Go for a walk in the rain, visit someone, but stop chattering...

Giffgaff is fine but it is still a business - that community stuff is a bit cringey anyway :)


I'm probably in the minority but I would like to see a £5 top-up - any chance?



Arguably the £30 goodybag was gg's flagship. Some people might not have purchased it but it doesn't take away from the fact that it was a big consideration when they joined the network. I'm sure people always had in the back of their mind that it is there if they ever needed it.

This decision simply throws into question the fundamentals of this network. I'm not sure I can ever trust it again.

What are the £30 goodybag users left with? What do gg expect them to do? The least they could have done was to come up with an alternative that could have helped rather than just say, look we had enough of you, just p*ss off. :smileysad: That's how it feels.


@dwh1946 you miss the point of giffgaff compeltly and find your comment quite ignorant towards giffgaffs business model!


The idea of the goodybags is to provide contract-style value, but WITHOUT the contract. This is pay as you go here, correct, but to believe pay as you go is only for low-end users is a very old fashioned way of thinking! Just because people can afford to pay £30 a month doesn't mean they want to tie themselves up or restrict themselves, it's all about flexibility here!




You completely ignore the fact that many of us £30 goodybag users have never and will never go on contract.

It is the flexibility and freedom of PAYG that we want... not 18 months of being tied down to something.

In which case a £30 goodybag - there when you need it, is an ideal alternative.

Also some of us like to pay a bill and then forget it... not be constantly worrying that our minutes will run out and we'll need to run to a computer to top up... and only then if the billing system is working!!!



Was nice for the gaffer to respond, but I do feel that it was more of the same, lots of words, little information and a complete lack of genuine sympathy or empathy for the customers who have been completely let down.


I agree with onlyfoolsandhorses that it is a kick in the teeth for many of us.