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A look at some of our Accepted Ideas

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Hi all,


As the second quarter of the year has now passed we sat down to prioritise some of the work we wanted to do and naturally we looked at all of your ideas that we had Accepted. Which ones had we been able to implement and where we were with some of the others. And of course measure that against some of the ideas we had come up with ourselves and how much you would love to see some of these implemented and which would benefit the most amount of people.


And we are pretty pleased with the results really. We have been able to implement well over 30 (maybe more) of your ideas and are fairly close with some of the others. I won't go through all 30+ of them, but some of the ideas we implemented were:


Adding a notification bar across the site when problems occur (Thank you robbies for you suggestion)

Doing a full evaluation of data provisioning for giffgaff members (Thank you andreww for flagging this)

Adding Microgaff - our members run micro sim distribution channel - to our SIM order pages (Thanks emilina for suggesting this and green65 for coding it)

AddThis mouse over delay (the blue social share button used to come up as soon as you moved over it) (Thanks jamesdn for flagging this one up)

Advising members if they currently use data (so they are not in for a shock when we would implement data charging) (great idea ouaisne!)

Mobile friendly top up page (and free rate it) (Good sensible suggestion, our thanks silentwol)

Re-assess PAYG data charging (we opened up the discussion again after darrenpainter's prodding, thanks buddy, was really looking forward to that one Smiley Wink)

Date and time stamp on newsfeeds (all sorted heinz, thankee very muchee)

free giffgaff-to-giffgaff expiry status short code (At your service orchidaceous! call *100*1# and you will see the status message appear)

giffgaff sim in a box (We're finally there. Thanks for a great suggestion anthonydclark)

Friday polls (still coming up with suggestions are you jamesdn? Smiley Wink)

PAC requests made too easy, quick change (good thinking there aandms)

Ability to change a queued goodybag (Good suggestions, thanks rhinosrich)

And many more great ideas.


So once again, thanks to all of you who continue to submit great ideas and I think a big shout out should also go to those of our community who continue to valiantly battle the flood of duplicate ideas that keep coming in (psst, use the search function before submitting an idea guys, it helps us a lot)


Our duplicate idea heroes are in no particular order:




Well done guys, you sure have a lot of duplicates to battle with and continue to do so with optimism and a respectful tone. I suggest someone to create a shield for them with the slogan: All ideas are good ideas but half of them are duplicates (in latin of course) Smiley Wink


We still have 58 (and counting) ideas set as Accepted, of which some are pretty hugely popular such as a PAYG BlackBerry add on (now hopefully ready for Autumn), Online Usage History and Auto renewing Goodybags. All of which and more we are working diligently on to get implemented.


Some are causing us more difficulty to implement then others and as always we have to weigh up what we can do in terms of resource and man power and what will benefit the most amount of people. But with your help and patience we will eventually get there I'm sure Smiley Happy


There is plenty for us to do and we'll continue to work and tinker with our roadmap, moving items up and down depending on what can be quicker to implement and how far along we are in the projects. Our hope is of course you will all continue to enjoy the efforts of your labours in coming up with new ideas and our efforts in trying to implement them as much as we can.


It is great to see so many implemented already and together we'll keep up the great work and spirit in the community.


Thanks all,




Wow some nice ideas.

rocket scientist
I love Vincent's avatar lol
'Use the search feature' That's quite a difficult thing to do on the mobile site..... I don't like submitting ideas, mainly because people hate them :-(
giffgaff head-scratcher

As per Vincent's request


'I suggest someone to create a shield for them with the slogan: All ideas are good ideas but half of them are duplicates (in latin of course) :smileywink: '



Totus informatio es bonus informatio

All ideas are good ideas

tamen dimidium of lemma es effingo

but half of them are duplicates 


That's what two years of Latin at school + an online translator gets you Smiley Happy

any more news on the blackberry front? Are you aiming for aug, sept or has their been a delay?
you forgot my giffgaff awards idea which u accepted lol
Some good stuff. I was hoping you was announcing the data only goodybag but guess its to soon yet
@wilky vincent covered it saying this 'And many more great ideas.' he prob couldnt remember them all from the 'fresh' dutch air he's breathing in lol
and now iv spotted the blackberry in autumn bit :@
That delay for blackberry's will upset a lot of people