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A sparkling new giffgaff video

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

Lots of nice things are happening this week, tennis at Wimbledon, the start of Glastonbury Festival but the nicest of all is that we have a sparkling new video all about giffgaff.


We have lots of folks who know all about our great value goodybags and that giffgaff’s different approach, isn’t scary. 


We wanted to put the icing on top of the delicious cake that is giffgaff, by showing how our new approach to mobile is better than those bigger boys and continue to spread the word about giffgaff being The Mobile Network Run by You.


So here it is. You might recognise a face or two, as it is starring some of our amazing members. 



It’s going to be on the giffgaff homepage and launched in our Social channels tomorrow. I love it, stripped back, no nonsense, wonderfully quirky, down to earth...ok I’ll stop now. 


Hope you like it.




Thats a good video Smiley Happy


The only member i knew out of that was zoeawesome Smiley Happy

giffgaff; ergo sum
Imaginative and simple, loved it!
ace of spades
Neat video! Does this mean that the #dontbescared campaign has finished?

Love it and not least because it'll finally put that SD Mr Boxhead thing to bed.

heavy hitter
Hooray!!! Its finally live Smiley Happy Thank you very much for having me! Pleasure to be part of it Smiley Happy
handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

Thanks for all your lovely comments, glad you like it.


Love it! Quirky and gets the message across well :-)

Love it... I think people also need to know that the people in it are from the community...


simple, attractive, informative, excelllent !