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Agent Performance Update 01/11/2012

handy giff-staffer

If you have been following the daily stats from the team members, you will know there has been quite an improvement and performance has been within their service levels even though there has been some issues.




Average time to 1st response has increased but the team have still managed to keep it quite low despite increased volumes.  FCR (First Contact Resolution) continues to improve over the last few months which has been the aim to ensure your queries are getting resolved without an issue. 




Overall in the last few months we have reviewed the quality monitoring process again to enhance the quality of the response you receive. The following areas are priority for the team such as troubleshooting, understanding fully what your issue is and explaining what has happened along with the correct response/fix immediately. This is a lot tougher for the team to have high performance scores as individuals, and scrutinised daily, but I hope you are starting to see the benefits of this change. 

Over the next few months other changes and improvements happening will help us even further such as a new survey that we have just started to send out. Although it is only to a small number of customers who have raised cases, this will increase gradually over the next few weeks. Please do look out for these surveys and do take the time to complete them as we will be and are looking at everyone that we receive a reply from and take onboard the comments and scoring from them all.

That’s all from me - I hope you enjoyed the Halloween pics from the team. Next fun time will be Christmas, which is scary as it's only a few weeks away. Eeeek!!    


after my involvement with the agents recently they won't be getting good assessment from me. id still be having problems if an educator hadn't helped
big cheese
I've not had too much agent contact but what I have had has been correct action on the first reply( even if I didn't like the reply )

erm, sorry but what exactly does FCR stand for? and i assume in the second graph that the y-axis is in hours? are these graphs based on the average of the whole month, rather than each day?


glad that more statistics about the agents are being released though


I'm sorry but this is very misleading. Agent responses may be quicker but they're still full of the same rubbish as no one reads what's written. At least educators read the posts and can help (for that read kick someone's squidgy bits) until they do what is necessary to please / placate the customer.

handy giff-staffer

Hi rong42 , 


I have now edited the thread with what FCR (First Contact Resolution) stands for. The seconds graph shows hours on the left hand side. Overall, the graph shows an everage of the month. 


Hope this is a lot clearer. 


thanks adele Smiley Happy


the FCR is a quite useful stat then, i think a lot of people have been asking for it


It's not that the agents are slow more that people need to be more patient!! Smiley Happy

I am not happy just joined today and cant even use a service iv paid forSmiley Sad why do you people not have a phone line ?