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An Introduction to giffgaff by community member: Dafz

former giff-staffer



If you would like to see more videos like these from Dafz, you can visit his YouTube channel at:


Are you interested in doing a video blog for giffgaff? You can! All you have to do is PM an Educator and let them know what kind of video you would like to make.


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I wouldn't do a video blog or vlog but nice post!

You say something like giffgaff uses O2 for network coverage so doesn't need to pay the bills for managing cell towers, make it sound like giffgaff are getting a free ride.


Anyway, good video, I love how you look slightly confused sometimes, it's comedy Smiley Very Happy


Should do some more videos sometime Smiley Happy


Nice video Smiley Happy

The link at 1:15 doesn't work by the way. 


Nice video Smiley Happy

The link at 1:15 doesn't work by the way. 


I don't think the order a SIM link at the end does either.


Great to see another one of these Ant - they are great Smiley Happy


Nice one Dafz Smiley Happy

mad scientist

A great voice for explaining giffgaff I think Smiley Happy


Sounds like the giffgaff voicemail man Smiley Tongue

rocket scientist
nice one
head honcho

Wicked video! Very good edit, interesting content, well filmed (inc sound), well presented and a cool character. In other words, giffgaff take some notes (you really need to) ....or just hire him Smiley Wink


Well done Dafz - kudos

lives and breathes giffgaff

Nice one Smiley Wink 


Thanks for the video Dafz Smiley Wink




cool vid