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An interview with the member support team

We've taken your questions and interviewed our member support team for our first behind the scenes giffgaff interview. The team are based in Derry, Northern Ireland and 8 are on the team with normally 4 working on a daily basis. The team consists of 5 agents, a trainer, a Team Leader and an Escalations guy. Three of them, Emmett Mallett, Danielle Travers and Conor Taskerlynch bravely volunteered to take the hot seat and here are their answers:


What is a typical day like for you?
EM: Come to work for 8 am, get a coffee, login and check how many incidents are waiting for a response. Each agent is assigned something different each day, so one day we’ll be monitoring the forum for abuse and to provide extra support, the next could be responding to updates or unresolved cases.

DT: I’m at university now so I’m in part time – so I come in mid afternoon 2 days, and work full day on a Saturday (8-6). We come in, check e-mails and then get started on either the new incidents or those that have been updated.

CT: My days are pretty hectic lol.
What did you do before working as a member service agent for giffgaff?
EM: I worked for Sky technical support.

DT: I worked for SKY as a customer service agent, and also worked in Primark!

CT: I worked for Sky in Human Resources.
What phone do you each have? Do you get VIG SIMs? Or pay your way like the rest of us?
EM: I have an iPhone with O2, unfortunately we can’t reap the benefits of giffgaff Smiley Happy

DT: I have a BlackBerry 8520 Curve (PAYG), and no – we don’t get any VIG SIMs – we pay our way like everyone else.

CT: I have some kind of Nokia, unfortunately I'm pay as you go like everyone else, VIG SIM’s are like golden fleeces, but if you make the effort I'm sure you could get one.
PC or Mac?

DT: PC – wish I had a Mac though, could be an idea for my next Student Grant Smiley Happy

CT: PC. MACs are for girls
html5 vs flash - who's the winner?
EM: Html5

DT: Not too sure – although we know quite a bit about giffgaff, html5 / flash – I haven’t a clue.

CT: I find flash is the most stable
Weirdest customer support question?
EM: Nothing seems weird to me anymore from working in customer service, so I’m not sure how to answer this one as something that may look weird to someone else looks completely normal to me at this stage.

DT: After closing a case, I got a reply to ask where we are based. I said Derry, NI and he replied to say, “I’m 21, are you free?” – had to be the strangest!

CT: Do you want to buy a TV?
What is something that's happened at work that's made your day?
EM: Getting appreciated for the job you do, which happens a lot.

DT: When a customer actually appreciates everything you’ve done – one guy posted about me on the forum so that was good!

CT: Being approached and offered the chance to work for giffgaff last year.


Later this week, we'll be featuring an interview from our very own gaffer so stay tuned...

That's a bit random, I thought that gg customer support was in house in Beaconsfield? Why in Northern Ireland!? haha Smiley Very Happy
+ a good read, thanks Heather! Smiley Wink

lol - Do you want to buy a TV?! That just made mah day!


But Conor you never answered my question... DO you want my TV or not?!

Good read, enjoyed that.

Sounds like giffgaff have a good team there.

Look forward to the next interview.



He's waiting you know Conor!

Yeah it sounds really fun that no two days are the same.
head honcho

giffgaff nicks Sky staff! LOL. Can someone get me a deal on my tv package? Smiley Very Happy


Fun to read. Interesting they all worked for Sky before giffgaff haha




Perhaps Sky also has an admin office in NI near to the giffgaff agent's office.