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Announcing The giffgaff Just Giving Page

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Sup fellow philanthropists, it's your friendly neighbourhood StevieSG.




As you know, a year or so ago, we launched 'giffgaff for good' which is giffgaffs charity initiative. We think that beyond our four-walls (actually seven-ish, our office is kinda fun like that) we should include our members and community. We try to do our part to make the world a better place by helping charities and supporting causes selected by our members. Every Payback period (bi-annually) our members can choose to keep or donate their points. You can check out the voting for this term here. 


What is Just Giving?


JustGiving Home


Just Giving is the world’s leading platform for charity giving. Once people donate to your page, the money goes straight to your chosen charity- pretty nifty! This is one of the two pages from last termPretty shiny don't ya think?


Now, the coolest thing about payback is that any money that we raise for our payback Charites gets DOUBLED by giffgaff. This is going to work exactly the same as it always has done. Nearer the time, we will create two mini Just Giving pages just like the one from last term, and you can text in to donate your money to the chosen charities. 


But this got us to thinking..


How many of you have Just Giving pages just lying around? How many of our awesome members are constantly doing other things to raise money for others?


This lead us to create this:                            The giffgaff Just Giving Page.


This is one MASTER page where all of our fundraising efforts can go in together. You can see we already added the payback from last term to our totals. It's a really cool way of seeing just how much money we as a community can raise as a whole (you can see I have a page set up which allows me to swear in the office. Clever Girl).


It's easy:

  1. Make your fundraising page
  2. Share it with your friends
  3. Raise money for charity

Get attached to us!


If you already have a Just Giving page you can attach it to giffgaff so all of our fundraising efforts go together (although we can only double donations from the chosen payback charites). We may even have a 'Special Thankyou' for members that go above and beyond the call of kindness and bump their way to the Top Fundraiser box or do other awesome acts of kindness (more on that later).



If you scroll down waaay to the bottom, you can join team giffgaff and we can see how much money you as a community can raise. After that you just add your fundraising page to the team using this button:




We can also add specific 'giffgaff for good' fundraising events which you can sign up for. Once we have our chosen Payback Charity set up, we'll create that page and link it to you guys so you can make sure your wonderful coins get to your chosen cause. 


Can I raise money for other charities?

Of course you can! We'd never stop you doing that -  when you make your own page and link it to a cause, they get added to our main page. You can see one of mine, Special Effectis automatically added under 'our employees charities' when I linked my page with giffgaffs.However, we really do enourage you to donate your payback to our two nominated charites so that when we double it, we can do as much good as possible. 



So what are you waiting for? Create your page, choose a charity, donate your payback and get involved. If you have any questions or good ideas for the page, please do let me know. Also, please feel free to link your personal Just Giving pages so we can see the weird and wonderful things you are up to. If you want to start any cool threads regarding personal updates, you can do so in Social: Off Topic.


I am expecting at least 10 decent sized moustaches by December. Smiley Happy


Get Giving!


Very nice idea, great work and can't wait to get donating will share with all friends and family as it's for a good cause Good work giffgaff keep it up Giffgaff is awesome Smiley Happy

giffgaff for good - I'm impressed! Glad to see charitable giving involves the giffgaff corporation, giffgaff employees, and giffgaff users! Looking forward to learning more about the promoted charities...


Great idea. I give to charites via my salary. Its a great way to do it.

Such a great idea. I'm glad you can link charity work to Giffgaff. Love this mobile network. :-)
excellent idea, every little helps

Fantastic idea this is what seperates giffgaff from the rest!!

head honcho
I had no idea you could join together fundraising pages on justgiving I thought they were all individual until now.

good idea Smiley Happy

big cheese

I guess my JustGiving page (, which hasn't been used for charity donations for more than 8 years(!), probably wouldn't be appropriate for addition to the "giffgaffers" team page any more. It's no longer accepting donations, and I doubt the charity in question even exists any more!


Still, nice initiative. Smiley Happy