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App of the Week - Review of the Advanced Task Killer


Recently we have seen an emergence of the Apps market. In the third quarter of 2011, more than 2.4 Billion Apps were downloaded. However are any of them any good?


This is your weekly guide to the innovative, creative and productive Apps on the Android Marketplace.


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icon.pngAdvanced Task Killer

Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Size: 97kb


As mobile phones have become more advanced, the have gained the ability to run several programmes and applications at the same time. Most smart phones (all Android phones) allow Apps to keep running in the background. This in effect makes the phone more useful and convenient. However, this has also resulted in causing problems. Most phones experience a significant reduction of battery life. Some phones also see an effect on their general performance. This App has been designed to overcome both of these problems. It allows you to stop the Apps which you do not wish to be running in the background. This does not permanently stop the App from running. Instead it turns them off, and you can switch the App back on when you decide to use it again.


When you open the App, all the Apps which are running on the phone are displayed. From here you can choose the Apps you prefer to keep running and the Apps you wish to stop. To further convenience, the App automatically marks all the Apps which are running. You can unmark the Apps which you wish to remain running, before you “kill” (stop) the rest.


Different Apps tend to react differently once stopped. Apps which constantly update themselves tend to stop updating until you go back onto them. Some other Apps such as games may pause. The App killer does not cause any harm to stopped Apps. Most Apps which are stopped resume from where they were stopped. Apps generally start back up normally and their performance is not affected.


The layout of the Advanced Task Killer is very clear and straight forward. It looks very similar to the layout of the Android system. Therefore, if you can manage to use the basic functions of your smart phone, you should be able to use this App without any problems. The App also comes with settings which allow you to personalise the App further. You can choose to create a list of Apps which you want to be automatically stopped. A “ignore list” can also be created. In the list you can select Apps which you would constantly allow to be running on your phone. You can also programme the App to automatically stop other Apps running in the background every time you switch on your phone. This is very useful as most Apps tend to automatically start running when the phone is switched on.


It is no surprise that this App has received thousands of five stars rating on the Android marketplace. The App is cleaver but more importantly productive when the battery needs to be saved.

For these reasons I would rate this App 9 out of 10.




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Interesting excerpt about task managers:


How to Use a Task Manager
Android was designed from the ground up as an operating system (OS) for mobile devices. Its built-in application and memory-management systems were engineered with battery life as one of the most critical concerns.
The Android OS does not work like a desktop operating system. On a desktop OS, like Windows, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu Linux, the user is responsible for closing programs in order to keep a reasonable amount of memory available. On Android, this is not the case. The OS itself automatically removes programs from memory as memory is needed. The OS may also preload applications into memory which it thinks might soon be needed.
Having lots of available empty memory is not a good thing. It takes the same amount of power to hold "nothing" in memory as it does to hold actual data. So, like every other operating system in use today, Android does its best to keep as much important/likely-to-be-used information in memory as possible.
As such, using the task manager feature of SystemPanel to constantly clear memory by killing all apps is strongly NOT RECOMMENDED. This also applies to any other task killer / management program. Generally speaking, you should only "End" applications if you see one which is not working correctly. The "End All" feature can be used if your phone/device is performing poorly and you are uncertain of the cause.

heavy hitter

Good blog. this will help lot of people to know the good apps availabe in market or app store.

head honcho
Great apps but i am apple iphone

A very good read. Well done mate. Smiley Happy


The old addage springs to mind after reading the comments above .... "You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time.  But you can't please all of the people all of the time"


There will always be "for and against" re task killers...personally I don't use this one on my phone as it has a built in task killer ....makes you wonder if they are bad, then why would samsung develop their own and install it in their products?


But my wife has it on her Wildfire S and I can honestly say it has never caused any harm or caused the phone not to run smoothly.


At the end of the day, one word describes the use of Task Killers ......... Preference. Smiley Happy

Just wondered if the app is available from the app store for the iPhone 4? I have just ran a search for it and cant find it. A link might make the process easier if you can provide one.

@oldyorkie - sorry to be one of the unimpressed but I thought the original phrase was  


"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time"


which in this case may be more appropriate.


I am not saying that crickpk is setting out to fool anyone of course but on the other hand I think that an item that awards 9 out of 10 to an app should be able to explain why it is so valuable and useful so as to deserve that lofty score -  and perhaps add info like what phone and what version(s) of Android they tested it on. Ease of use is one thing, but what are the expected real world benefits?


By contrast here's an informative article:


Conclusion - no massive difference in battery life with or without Advanced Task Killer tested on 5 different phones. Maybe a 1.9% average saving - and some phones were slower - but to be blunt if they only ran the tests once on each phone, that's within statistical insignificance such as would render any "improvement" negligible.


For a lot of Android users, the one word to describe Task Killers is.... Pointless Smiley Surprised



No mate ,,,, prefer my adaptation of the real thing..... your views are your views ..... same as mine are mine .... both equally acceptable ...and both have merit in their own right...


I had actually read many articles re task killers before they were hilited in here ..including the one you point to...

It still boils down to preference however many times you look at it.....


crickpk prefers to use it and is very happy with it..and in his/her view says " I would rate this App 9 out of 10"


You prefer not to use it

My Wife prefers to use it and is happy with it...


I prefer to let people make their own minds up Smiley Wink





used to use it but use one built in on phone

Generally, I found the App to be very effective and productive. It also did not affect my phones performance. Instead It has enhanced the performance, hence i gave it a good rating.



Thanks for your honest comments. I guess i can not please everyone all the time. Its also nice to see other people (who have used the App) opinions about the App's i review. Thanks for your comments they are very nice. Smiley Wink




@cricpk - are you able to quantify how it enhances the performance - e.g. approximately what percentage improvement to battery life you experienced vs before it was installed etc - also on what android version and phone?