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App of the Week - Review of the Alarmdroid App (15-03-2012)


banner final 2.pngRecently we have seen an emergence of the Apps market. In the third quarter of 2011, more than 2.4 Billion Apps were downloaded. However are any of them any good?

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Category: Tools

Price: Free

Size: 1.4mb




A phone without a alarm clock? Certainly very rare these days. The Android Marketplace is also flooded with all these alarm clocks which have small differences between each other. However, if you want a sophisticated alarm system which allows you to customise features fully to your preference, then this may be for you.


To start with, it allows you to have more than one alarm. In fact I struggled to find its limit. It also allows you to customise each alarm and give them their own individual properties. Rather than just selecting the vibration and volume levels. You can choose the Alarm to be a ringtone from your phones music library. If you have data to spare, you can select an internet radio station to wake you up. Others may prefer it to tell them the time and weather when it rings.


The App's snooze function - the feature which stops the alarm and resets it for a short time later - is much more impressive. We have times when we want to stay in bed for a little longer. Sometimes what’s more annoying than the alarm ringing is putting it on snooze. The “flip 'n' snooze” feature allows you to snooze the alarm by simply turning the phone over or shaking it. Although it can sometimes take some time to react, it is much more convenient than trying to press the correct button..


If you really struggle to get out of bed in the morning. You can set yourself an arithmetic or a mathematical challenge. In this way until the challenge is not completed the alarm will not go off. It may make sure you wake up in time but I would not recommend it, especially on a cold frosty morning.


Overall the App is quiet good. It certainly does what the manufacturers claims. It may be a little confusing when you first get onto it. But after playing around with it for a while you will easily pick it up. Certainly if your phone's alarm is not very good, its worth downloading. Otherwise I still recommend you to give it a go. As there might be a feature which you end up liking. Making it much worthwhile downloading. I would reward this App 6 out of 10.  




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giffgaff; ergo sum

Thanks, a very useful app.


got it on my s2 very nice app



have you gone bump all my money and credit have been taken off my account whats going on

its a nice app

There are two aps on Android Market called AlarmDroid. Is this the one by Fabian Lueghausen?


good app

thnx il chk it out Smiley Happy

I must be missing something? What's wrong with the alarm(s) built in to Google/HTC Sense?


Just installed this (it is the one by Fabian Lueghausen).

It has many more features than the stock Sense alarm. You can set it to snooze when you flip your phone over, you can set the alarm to gradually increase in volume over a time period set by you, You can also set countdown alarms for 'Power Napping', you can set snooze time, alarm ring time before switching to snooze, you can even have a speaking clock that can be set to any interval from every minute, to every 60 minutes.

Overall, I'm impressed!


The problem with alarm apps on android is that none of them seem to allow the phone to switch itself on.


I know someone with a samsung Wave and the alarm in it is active even when the phone has been switched off, it turns itself on and sounds the alarm, this is a great feature and something I certainly feel is missing from android.


Until then I wont use my phone as an alarm as i usually turn it off at night to stop drunking friends calling me.


Maybe it will come over time.