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App of the Week - Review of the BBC iPlayer App (08-03-2012)


banner final 2.pngRecently we have seen an emergence of the Apps market. In the third quarter of 2011, more than 2.4 Billion Apps were downloaded. However are any of them any good?


This is your weekly guide to the innovative, creative and productive Apps on the Android Marketplace.





BBC iPlayer


Category: Media & Video

Price: Free

Size: 946kb



This App comes from a very reputable company, but is it worth downloading? Like the website, it is very simple to use and has a clear layout. Similar to the website, the navigation bar is very easy to use as well. Users can also add programmes to their favourite page, allowing downloader’s to catch-up to chosen programmes more conveniently. As an addition, one can also enjoy watching live BBC TV and Radio, ensuring you get the most out of your TV License. However, when used heavily it can drain the life out of your phone’s battery. Nevertheless, this allows you to catch up with the BBC programmes that you may have missed in the last seven days - hence being very convenient indeed. As expected, internet access is required.


The video streaming is of high quality as you would expect, however some programmes may take up to a minute to load (depending on the internet signal strength).


After downloading the App, I don’t see myself deleting it. Although telly on the go sounds fantastic, it’s not an App which you will find yourself using everyday.

I would rate the App 7 out of 10.




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why are you encouracing customers to go over the data limit on their £10 per month goodie bag?

Was great to be able to watch the rugby yesterday whilst on my way into town. I do not think data usage will be the issue. See how much the battery goes down ! As that's what will put me off after using player for the first time on iPhone