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Apple iPad 4th gen vs Google Nexus 10 vs Sony Xperia Tablet Z

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In our three way tablet face off, will the Apple iPad, Google Nexus 10 or Sony Xperia Tablet Z claim the price of best tablet on the scene?



Design-wise, the iPad is the only one with a metal body. It feels rich, though it’s heavy at over 650g.

The Xperia Tablet Z is virtually the polar opposite. Weighing just 495g and measuring 6.9mm, it’s the thinnest, lightest tablet on the market, and it’s water resistant too.


The Google Nexus 10, made by Samsung sits somewhere in between. It isn’t as elegant as either the iPad of Tablet Z, but is comfortable to hold.  Apple’s Retina Display wins out when it comes to screen quality – it packs the resolution and colour representation to better the other two impressive displays. It’s seconded by the higher resolution, slightly duller Google Nexus 10, followed by the Xperia Tablet Z.


The iPad also offers the easiest OS to get to grips with, though this ease comes at a price.  Apps , while abundant, tend to cost more, and the interface is a closed ecosystem.  The Nexus 10 runs stock Android. It's smooth to the swipe but doesn’t come with any bells or whistles out of the box – the techy’s choice.

The Xperia Tablet Z isn’t as smooth despite its quad-core internals, though Sony’s interface is charming, with helpful tools like Xperia Link and easy to swap out themes making it the middle ground.


The 5-megapixel camera on the iPad beats both the 8-megapixel camera on the Xperia Tablet Z and the 5-megapixel camera on the Nexus 10 thanks to better noise handling.  While the shooting modes of the Xperia Tablet Z and the flash of the Nexus 10 are nice to have, ultimately, it’s picture quality that counts.


If you want to read or watch movies on your tab, the tables turn, with the Androids winning out.  For movies, the Xperia Tablet Z triumphs with its light weight body and 16:9 screen.  For reading, the Nexus 10’s resolution and middle ground size and weight make it comfortable to use , though still not as comfortable in-hand as the Xperia Tablet Z.  Sadly, the iPad’s awkward screen resolution for movies and heavy chassis mean it’s more wrist ache than sweet escape when enjoying media content.


The three tablets are relatively head to head when it comes to gaming.  Apple’s App Store may have a slightly richer collection, but once again, the iPad’s cumbersome physicality hampers enjoyment.


The Sony Xperia Tablet Z wins on the connectivity stakes thanks to its infrared blaster and NFC connectivity as well as its LTE. Both the Tablet Z and iPad are available in Wi-Fi and 3G versions starting at £399, though the Tablet Z is also expandable as mentioned earlier.


With the iPad packing a giant, 11,666 mAh battery, Apple takes our final round hook line and sinker. The 6,000 mAh battery of Sony’s tab lasts a couple of days with light to moderate use putting it last, with the Nexus 10 middling once more thanks to its 9000mAh cell.


Three strong tablets, the Xperia Z is our choice for most things thanks to its slender form and water resistance. The iPad is the most premium device of the three across the board, while the Google Nexus 10 is the cost effective, techie’s choice.


Are you using one of these devices already? Tell us how you find using it in the comments below.  Perhaps you're considering getting one of these in the near future, tell us which takes your fancy in the comments.


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Not a huge amount between them all. Close call.

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I think its very much a price vs personal preference. In a phone ok I've got an android alongside my iPhones but in a tablet I think I will stick with my iPads. I've got the 3rd gen and I'm really happy with it though a new mini with spec of the 4 would be my next move

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Did you notice stephenmiller's comment?


It's such a shame you've gone to all that trouble, to make a video, and nobody can see it.


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I have never found the iPad difficult to hold, or has it ever given me wrist ache. From the review you would think it weighed a tonne, not a little over 1 lb.


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Sorry all, you can now take a look at the video. Thanks

I don't know about the Nexus 10 being the techies choice, there was a study recently about ecosystems and IOS came out on top by a large margn but for almost all tasks that you'd want to do on a tablet they're all more than capable. One thing not mentioned about media is how easy it is to get media onto the iPad and how, let's just say how less than elegant it is to get media on Android things. Most Google solutions involve strraming stuff from Google, which is daft for so many reasons.

ipad4 Smiley Happy

I had a nexus 7 before, with which i was really satisfied with. Unitill one day the screen cracked, for no reason at all. Then i thought of buying ipad mini (cheaper). And since then i havent looked back at all. I have an iphone and ipad and iphone makes the great combo. It is so much stabler than android tablets, plus it feels much better in hand and feels much more dueable too. And hey hey apple so no worries of viruses, and no anti virus needed.

Go for iPad dude. Definitely!!

There is a hefty premium for IOS apps. A friend recommended an iphone ap which cost him £1.99 and the Android version (exactly the same functonality) cost me £1.25. That is a 60% premium. I would get the Nexus if it had more memory.