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Are we about to enter a world of checkout-free shopping?


Who’d have thought a trip to the supermarket could take so long? You grab what you want, fill up your basket or trolley but then your shopping experience comes to a halt. Multiple staff, multiple checkouts and multiple customers queuing in each and every one of them. I’d like to say hundreds of customers, especially on the weekends. Weekends are the worst but, sometimes, you just can’t plan when you’re going for your next shop. That’s where Planckly comes in.




Planckly is an app developed by TechWisely Ltd, a London based start-up. It’s essentially an app that can be run on your smartphone or your smartwatch. Regardless of which device it is used with, the camera is utilised to scan barcodes of items in a store. You essPlanckly_BasketPaid.pngentially scan, pay and go and that’s the ultimate purpose; to make your shopping experience super-fast and super-efficient.


This may sound familiar to you because you’re probably thinking of Amazon Go. However, Planckly’s intent is to make your shopping experience faster whilst reducing human interaction, as opposed to eliminating it altogether. Instead of having to go to a checkout and have every single item processed by a member of staff, Planckly’s process involves a retailer employee cross-checking one or more items from the shopper’s physical basket by scanning it on the retailer’s version of the app. This will indicate whether the buyer has scanned and paid for that item.


Whilst this involves some human interaction, it is to the seller’s benefit to help ensure items are being paid for and also prevents shoppers from having to wait in queues for long periods of time. In fact, this will reduce the time you’re in a store quite significantly, therefore a real benefit to shoppers. Moreover, stores will be able to eliminate the need for physical checkout counters and, in turn, reduce the number of staff. Alternatively, these members of staff could be useful in other areas of the business.  




One app. Multiple stores.


Whilst Planckly sounds great, it gets better. It is a single app for multiple stores, which means you can use Planckly to shop at multiple retailers. This is due to the API based architecture of the app, which allows it to be integrated very easily with the systems retailers currently use. Technicality aside, it’s a big advantage and will, no doubt, encourage shoppers to adopt this self-scanning shopping method. One device, one app, multiple retailers. What’s not to love?


Oh and it allows multiple devices to connect over Bluetooth, so if you’re not alone you can all add items to the basket but only one device will be used for payment. Nice.





The app is currently available to download on the Google PlayStore and is yet to come to the App Store for iOS users.


Live in Dubai and Chicago


TechWisely have launched Planckly in a small grocery store in Dubai as well as a small chain of fast food stores in Chicago, USA. A supermarket chain in Singapore are currently interested in implementing Planckly in their stores, so there’s a great deal of potential. The company is also in contact with retailers across the world, including Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia and of course our home; the UK. Let’s hope UK retailers jump on board with this as I can see it being very beneficial all-round. It’ll save them money for sure and, who knows, us shoppers may just get some savings passed onto us #winning. Well, let’s hope so Smiley Tongue




I’m keen to see Planckly live in the UK. I think it’s a great step forward and another way in which Technology is helping to make life much easier. Imagine not having to wait in a queue again. That’d be so awesome.


Sure, even if this kicks off in the UK, it’ll take some time before it’s adopted by many or majority of retailers but it’s a positive move regardless. I’m looking forward to self-scanning. I mean, I already do it at supermarkets now but Planckly will take that to a whole new level. Scan, pay, go. Bring it on.


If you want to know more, check out their official website.


What are your thoughts on being able to pay from your phone or your wrist? Let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading Smiley Happy




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Very interesting blog although I fear that " freeing up staff for the shop floor" is more likely freeing them for redundancy.


Interesting idea and I don't see why it wouldn't work. My only concern would be theft/shop lifters and how to stop them. Think we are still a while away from check-out free shopping but I would say that it is only a matter of time. One app that can do it all would be a good start.


Sounds a great idea, though I'm a bit worried about what will happen to the staff. I can't see there being much use for the same number walking around checking on shoplifting & stacking shelves. Self service checkouts were invented to speed up payment time, but now there are queues to use them.


I already use the scanners that are already in use in Supermarkets. Which works pretty well enough for me. 

head honcho

Sounds good but as most supermarkets have their own app / versions of this will they adopt it. I use the tesco scan and go service and just scan my phone at the checkout on the way out (no unpacking the trolley other than occasional random check) to pay. 


@mike_sher @jeff_elephant Yeah, I think it'll be a while before the big supermarkets take this up.


@eluminea It'll have a major impact so it'll certainly take some time to be fully adapted


@s_pat That would be ideal Smiley Wink


@bobrobinson That's a good idea 💡Smiley Wink


@team_planckly Who knows what the future holds indeed!


 @joolzian It could lead to redundancy but for businesses it's cost-saving. Staff could, alternatively, be used for other roles.


@seanalert That is probably what the main concern would be for any business but there'll be ways and processes so it's just a matter of time Smiley Happy


@hezp That's true. Self-checkouts are becoming just as bad as normal checkouts now Smiley Sad #busy


@scrips49 I tend to use them too as it's generally quicker and easy.


@finlaybj Sounds good =]