Ask The Expert: got any Android questions?

Ask The Expert: got any Android questions?

by wsjudd on ‎09-04-2012 21:01 - last edited on ‎23-06-2014 10:19 by zobia22 (4,454 Views)


It's the spirit of community that makes giffgaff special - it's all about helping each other out. It's in this spirit that we launch a new series, Ask The Expert. The basic idea's pretty simple - ask me questions about the topic of the week, and I'll do my best to provide useful answers to the most interesting and popular questions.


Our first topic will be one close to my heart - the mobile operating system produced by Google, Android.


Whether you're trying to choose a new handset, want advice on an app or even need a bit of friendly troubleshooting, I'm here to help. As well as specific problems, you're also free to ask more nebulous questions about upcoming Android devices or Android's place in the mobile ecosystem. I won't be able to answer everything, but I'll certainly do my best.


Please submit your questions in the comments below. If you'd like to suggest a topic for next week, you can do that too.


I'm really excited to launch this new series and I hope it goes well. Thanks for reading, and I hope you take part!


This article was written by William Judd, a freelance tech journalist and copywriter.

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by turkeyphant
on ‎09-04-2012 21:46
In your opinion, what are the biggest kernel flaws in ICS?
by daldred
on ‎09-04-2012 22:11

Is there any way of using android on a wifi network behind a proxy?   The standard proxy setup

  • is not per-network (so means you have to set/reset it evey time you move into or out of the relevant network), 
  • only works on some apps.

The only Android proxy apps I've found require the machine to be rooted, which I can't do (it's a work machine).   


Given that Linux, on which Android is based, handles things like this extremely easily, I'm really surprised that it's so difficult in Android.  

by matthewnoon
on ‎09-04-2012 22:20

havent got an android but just wanted to wish you luck with this, i'll be sure to check it out, sure it will be an interesting read Smiley Happy

by daniturn3
on ‎09-04-2012 23:01

em... rattling my brain but cant think of any because i know loads about android and could probs be your expert aswell lol im mad on it too

by mishybishy
on ‎09-04-2012 23:10

going back to o2

 at least i can have the internet when i buy it n not left in a queue for 2/3 months


by turkeyphant
on ‎10-04-2012 00:44
Why can't you root a work phone?! I would have thought most competent workplaces would REQUIRE that...
by rayhoo
‎10-04-2012 01:48 - edited ‎10-04-2012 15:12

Well done!  Although the questions above are already above me, I will be reading with interest.  I wish you all the best with this venture.

by blissuk
on ‎10-04-2012 07:44
Interesting thread, am mad on my rooted android phone too
by hsm70
on ‎10-04-2012 09:06

It will be interesting to see whether this blog can answer quetions that maybe are not successfully answered in the community. A question for you, is there a flaw in android that so many people have difficulty with bluetooth and mms connections? Because that is one big problem I face with a smartphone with 'gingerbread' installed.


by marcburnside212
on ‎10-04-2012 11:12
Iv had no signal since porting thursday. Im loseing money by having no phone please help!!!!
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