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Ask The Expert: got any accessory questions?


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It's the spirit of community that makes giffgaff special - it's all about helping each other out. It's in this spirit that we launch a new series, Ask The Expert. The basic idea's pretty simple - ask me questions about the topic of the week, and I'll do my best to provide useful answers to the most interesting and popular questions.


After covering Android last week, we'll move onto a more general topic: Mobile and tablet accessories! Whether you're looking for accessory recommendations for a specific handset or want to know which brands you can trust, I'm keen to help out. I've been working for a mobile accessories retailer for the better part of the year, so hopefully I'll be helpful!


We had over a hundred comments in our Q&A session last week, so I'd love to keep that rolling on - please submit your questions in the comments below. If you'd like to suggest a topic for next week, you can do that too.


Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you all take part!


This article was written by William Judd, a freelance tech journalist and copywriter.

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I was wondering what your opinion was of the usefulness of Google Glass, their headsup display system that they anouned recently and whether you think it will become something indepensible or just something people will show off with for a short while before it fades out of existence?


Gimmick. It'll never take off


how can i active a goody bag , i top up £10 by voucher on line and i dont know my goody bag is active r not?


hey I have a problempeople from abroad can not get through to me ,
typing my phone number hear about ... there is no such number  I know to enter a full phone number including country code +44 or 0044
this is to easy ...

what to do ... Please help me 


Where have the goodybags gone ...again -_- 

How do I set up my email on a blackerry?

Hi have just joined giff gaff phone is now acctivated got 10 goodie bag but on my account it says no credit help ,


i ordered a sim for someone, and they activated it but it has not yet given me the 500 points, HELP!!


is anyone eles havin trubble with the content lock


junaid_ali you should get ur 500 points on the 5th ov next month if they put ur member name in.