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Ask The Expert: got any accessory questions?


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It's the spirit of community that makes giffgaff special - it's all about helping each other out. It's in this spirit that we launch a new series, Ask The Expert. The basic idea's pretty simple - ask me questions about the topic of the week, and I'll do my best to provide useful answers to the most interesting and popular questions.


After covering Android last week, we'll move onto a more general topic: Mobile and tablet accessories! Whether you're looking for accessory recommendations for a specific handset or want to know which brands you can trust, I'm keen to help out. I've been working for a mobile accessories retailer for the better part of the year, so hopefully I'll be helpful!


We had over a hundred comments in our Q&A session last week, so I'd love to keep that rolling on - please submit your questions in the comments below. If you'd like to suggest a topic for next week, you can do that too.


Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you all take part!


This article was written by William Judd, a freelance tech journalist and copywriter.

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Hi there, 


I currently have an iPhone 4 Black but I would like to purchase a white case for my iPhone - preferably something sturdy and not soft such as silicon. I have had a browse through eBay but unfortunately I am unable to physically view the quality of the case. So could you recommend any product names or links where I could find a white sturdy case - which comfortably fits the iPhone. 




why cant i top up £5 when there is a goody bag for £5 


There are no options to buy a goody bag Smiley Frustrated
wats google glass?

I have just set up my Yahoo email on my Nokia E6 using my home wifi Sky internet, I can see the mails received but when I want to send a new mail or want to reply they do not go through, why?

Why don't more people produce expanded batteries? Everyone I know doesn't care if their phone is twice as heavy and twice as thick, they just want it to last for more than one day!

There would seem to be a lot of unrelated questions on here 0.o

As to what google glass is,

It's a new product from google that, according to a leak will be released by the end of the year for a similar price to a high-end smartphone.

The product would appear to be a set of glasses with a display on a section that will be able to display  a variety of information streamed from your phone, it seems to have voice recognition but also have other, as of yet undisclosed, forms of input, potentially revolving around gestures and tilts with your head.

The official video they released is:


Hi - joined Giffgaff last week and since haven't been able to use my phone as I've been told I've had a port transfer failure.  I have no idea if this is being fixed or not - feel totally left in the dark and am extremely frustrated that I haven't been able to use my phone.  Can someone please help?!

tanyaburnham - ask the agents.

Can an expert tell me after 24 hours and 12 questions why my phone has not gone live why does it take 24 hours to get a stupid answers to a simple question////////////////////WHAT IS YOUR Problem...........Norman16