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At long last, Mobiles will be unlocked by network providers for free


Being tied down to a contract isn’t great but switching to another network isn’t any easier as you hit an obstacle; your phone isn’t unlocked. So, not only do you have to wait for the transfer process but you also have to wait for your phone to be unlocked. What’s worse, is that in many cases you have to pay for the unlocking service. It’s pretty frustrating but you’re not alone.


SIMjail.jpgNetwork providers to let your SIM freeGovernment agree to end unlocking fees


Thousands of us feel exactly the same. For this reason, Which? Ran a campaign to put a stop to the unlocking fees and two years later the Government were in favour. Not long ago, they announced the agreement with all UK mobile network providers to stop charging consumers wanting to get their phone unlocked. This is fantastic news, although the phone will be unlocked when your contract ends. So, as soon as the initial contract period is up, you’re free to insert any SIM for any mobile network provider. No more hanging around #winning


What does this mean for consumers?


Having an unlocked phone is beneficial in more ways than you think. Not only will it save you the hassle of requesting your phone to be unlocked but you will save money year-on-year (uSwitch predict a saving of £48m per year for mobile users) and, as a result, the resale value of your phone will increase because people prefer the freedom of using whatever SIM they wish to.


Improvements can go on and on and the mobile industry is continuously working on making it better. Free unlocked smartphones is a good step forward but I do think this should have been the case sooner. However, it’s better late than never. What do you guys think about this?


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High time
just trust me...
This is a good result
top cat
1st) What about Pay as you go phones???

2nd) All phones sold by the following companies are already sold 100 💯 % unlocked 🔓:

Carphone Warehouse
Three ⚞
Einstein a go-go



As has been said ..... " better late than never " Smiley Happy ,


lives and breathes giffgaff

phones should not be locked in the first place


does that mean ALL PAYG phones will now be unlocked, because you are not in a contract?

Good news, however, all of the handset contracts I've had with Vodafone and Three have unlocked my phones for free after several months of being with them.
It's been this way for years, so I'm not sure why the government is heralding this as being such a breakthrough.
I've just bought a iPhone off a friend who's contract is up they've upgraded on a new contract and the old iPhone I bought will take upto 10 working days to unlock by O2 ridiculous really
Will this apply to someone who already has a PAYG phone that is locked to a specific network ??

Will the same apply to P.A.Y.G mobiles

great news all phones should be unlocked from the start