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Balance notifications, love em or hate em

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Hi all,


As some of you might know, the issue of balance notifications on giffgaff has been a subject of hot contention for a long time. Some people absolutely hate them and others absolutely love them.


When we first started giffgaff we never really envisioned that this was a feature which would be the subject of so much debate. So when we originally created the giffgaff platform we implemented this feature which we felt was a good way to keep tabs on how much you were spending.


Soon after creating the Ideas Board on giffgaff an idea was put forward by simon69c to turn these balance notifications off. And since then we've debated on whether we should or not. The idea is now the third most popular idea and hotly contested by those who love them and those who don't.


The biggest problem we had was that we could only turn these notifications off for everyone. Which would be great for those people who did not like them, but not so great for those people who wanted to know their exact spend.


So the logical next step was to develop something that would allow people an individual choice. Turn them on or off at will.


Logical sure, easy however it was not Smiley Happy


Originally we envisioned being able to implement this in June. Unfortunately we bumped into a few issues while testing what we had developed and had to postpone the release. We had to look at it again, rework it some more, test it some more and then finally release it for all to enjoy.


In the mean time some workarounds for those people that could really not wait were implemented but thankfully that is not needed any more.


So here we are, two and a bit Months later and finally there.


If you go to 'My giffgaff' you will find the option 'Top-Up Notifications' in the sub-navigation.


Tick the box if you'd like them displayed, or untick the box if you don't want to receive them.




For alternative ways to check your balance, please check out the answer under Support.


I hope you all enjoy this new feature and happy giffgaffing,






This should make quite a lot of people happy


I just switched it off, on and back off again, with quick calls or texts shortly after each


It seems to update fine in only a few seconds.


Well done Smiley Happy


I like them myself but a lot of people don't - great to have the choice Smiley Happy

Nice one giffgaff. I didn't mind the odd balance notification alert, but I couldn't stand it when I was having an SMS conversation with a friend on giffgaff and it told me that the text was free after each text sent. I have the iPhone giffgaff app for checking my balance when I need to, and I'm always on the community forum anyway so it's only a click away! Thank you.

Why can't we edit our blog posts?


Anyway I just went to look and it's not showing on mine Smiley Sad


The page is there with the message on the right hand side but the part with the tick box is missing

former giff-staffer

Are you using IE6? Because that browser can't be beat into submission and actually display correctly Smiley Sad


Update - it doesn't work if you have compatibilty mode enabled in IE8

Good stuff, well done for finally getting on top of this, it's nice to have the choice.
It worked for me. I just unticked the box and pressed the save button. Maybe try in a different browser?

Ok well done giffgaff, seems like a great feature for people who want the choice.


My issue is - Why have you titled it Top-Up Notifications? Surely Balance Notifications would be more accurate and less confusing?