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Best Cloud Storage apps

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Over the last few years more and more people are becoming aware of the Cloud and how it can benefit their working and home lives, as a means of sharing documents between smartphones, computers and tablets.

In this video we're looking at the top Cloud-storage apps: Dropbox, Box, iCloud, SkyDrive and Google Docs, exploring their features and advantages.




So there you have it some of the best Cloud apps, have we missed any?  What are you using to manage important documents across your devices? Tell us in the comments below.

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I wirelessly sync my iPhone and iPad so when open pages and numbers that it's all there ready for me

3:37, Shattaphone?!?


I think you've pretty much covered them all Victoria! Lovely - Enjoyed watching Smiley Happy.


Nice to see Skydrive get a mention, big time user over here Smiley Happy

its all abt googledocs Smiley Very Happy

Nice selection, they're all good apps with a convenient way of storing & sharing files;  also saves hunting for memory cards & cables at times, very useful.



One thing not mentioned is file sharing. Dropbox has a public folder which can be accessed by anyone you share the link with.

why use one when you can use all Smiley Very Happy

Lecturers use dropbox a lot at uni!


Dropbox, has an initial storage space of 2gb, but you can increase it to 8gb by sending dropbox invites to them