Best Driving Theory test apps

Best Driving Theory test apps

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Driving means many things to many people: independance, escape, enjoyment, exploration, but before you can even experience the freedom of driving on your own, there are a few little hurdles that stand in your way, in the form of the all important theory and practical tests.


UK Car Driving Theory Test


Free/£1.99 (full version)


This app is divided into three key sections; you can browse the various topics covered in the theory test such as ‘Road and Traffic Signs’ or ‘Vulnerable Road Users,’ partake in a mock test or review a highway code ebook. The full version of the app includes 14 topics, while the free version has seven.



A nice touch with UK Car Driving Theory Test is the slide function for choosing how many questions are in each section (even mock tests) and useful charts for tracking your weak areas. Functionality like this makes it a flexible application for those who don’t always have time to stop, sit and study ahead of their real exam, although we did find it a little buggy on the iPhone 4S.


Driving Theory Test for Car Drivers

Android, iOS

£3.46/Free Android /£1.99 iOS/Free (lite)


Driving Theory Test for Car Drivers is designed to prepare users for the theory test, providing practice questions and a mock test. All 960 questions are from the DSA Theory Test Question Bank.

Key elements of the theory test are split into 14 sections (two in the Lite version), allowing you to take practice questions in areas like Alertness, Attitude, Rules of the Road and Documents, congregating all the progress data for each section as you move through the application.



During the practice tests choose to answer 10, 20 or 30 questions and there’s even a countdown timer for authenticity, giving you the opportunity to truly test your driving knowledge.

Available for iOS and Android, Driving Theory Test for Car Drivers is a useful resource for anyone taking the theory test, but overall we prefer the Theory Test app (below).


3: Hazard Perception - Driving Test Success




This app focuses on the hazard perception element of the test, which it executes clearly and elegantly. Using footage tailor-made for the application, users can browse a library of in-built videos, filmed on live roads and designed to cover a range of common road scenarios.



Using the attractive UI, users can swipe left and right to see each clip’s title and a brief description of what you can expect. Watch the videos and spot the hazards by tapping the screen, and then play the clip back with all the hazards highlighted. From the library screen, hit the ‘view stats’ button to see overall performance in a specific scenario.

Overall Hazard Perception - Driving Test Success is a clearly and elegantly designed app, with videos that really do aid learning and because they are stored offline, it can be used anywhere.


4: Theory Test




Much like the UK Car Driving Theory Test application, Webrich Software’s Theory Test is designed around three distinct sections, Topics, Mock Test and Progress. Topics are split into fourteen sections with each section using questions from the DSA’s official bank of 970 scenarios.



Mock Test mode is designed to best emulate a real exam, adapted for smartphone viewing, with the ability to view your scores at the end of each attempt, shake your device to skip a question and even email results to yourself or others should you so wish. To round it off, Theory Test offers the best Progress display section of any app in our selection, enabling you to track your state of completion through each of the fourteen topics  With a well designed interface, explanations and wealth of questions, Theory Test is the best theory test app here.


Have you recently passed your Theory test?  Did you use any of the above apps, if so what did you think of them?  Any others we've missed?  Tell us in the comments.

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Awesome information thank you so much. To get the driving licence in UK, we need to pass the driving theory test, in this test it have 3 stages. Car Theory Test, Hazard Perception Test and Driving Test. If we pass the 3 stages, we will get the licence to drive the car. Online practice for above first 2 stages in UK Driving Theory Test.

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Some good apps there. This website helped me learn the theory side of things. mock theory test Just try as many mock theory tests as possible and you'll pass the real dsa theory test easily.
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I've used the Driving Test Success apps for my theory test Smiley Wink


A lot of these in this list are now old and haven't been updated. Take a look here theory test app website

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Has anyone tried any of these Apps & which one would they recommend?! Thanks
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