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Best cheap smartphone deals from the giffgaff marketplace


Did you know that giffgaff has a Marketplace for buying and selling used phones? In this article, we'll tell you a little about it and highlight five of the best deals that are available right now.




Before we get into my recommended smartphones, let's take a look at what using the giffgaff Marketplace is actually like. No matter whether you're buying or selling, the process is really straightforward. Buying or selling only takes a few minutes, with free postage offered both ways and giffgaff's award-winning customer service to back you up.

Selling a phone

If you're selling a phone, you get a price immediately using our rating tool. If you're happy with it, let us know and we'll send you pre-paid packaging to return the phone to us. We'll confirm it's as described, and you'll get the cash to spend as you like.


2018-06-20 13_20_35-Sell my iPhone X 64GB for cash with giffgaff.png


Buying a phone

Buying is even easier; just pick out a phone you like in Good, Very Good or Excellent condition, pay for it up-front or monthly, and it'll be sent out to you straight away. Each phone is unlocked, data-wiped and fully tested, but if you spot an issue then you can get a no quibble return. There's also a six month warranty on each phone!


What giffgaff members think

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what giffgaff member @frenchielove had to say (slightly edited for clarity):


false.jpg"A couple of months back, I purchased a used iPhone 6. I can honestly say it was completely pain free. Everything went like clockwork, it was delivered on time, was exactly as described and I am extremely happy with it. I also thought the price was very competitive. When it arrived, I did a SIM swap and was up and running with a little help and advice from giffgaff."



And here's giffgaff member @scrips49:


10676308_649300238523638_1>**phone_number_removed**507_n.jpg"I bought my wife a Samsung J5 about six months ago. No problem at all, great delivery and service and the phone was cheaper than anywhere else at the time.  All round good, hassle-free experience."


Awesome. Now, let's get into the recommendations!

Our favourite pre-owned smartphone deals

The giffgaff inventory of pre-owned smartphones changes daily, so these are merely the best deals we found when we looked on June 20th, 2018. To see all of the available smartphones, visit the Marketplace yourself and take a look!

1. Samsung Galaxy S8+

Image credit: Samsung


The Samsung Galaxy S8+ was a big step up over its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 Edge, with a beautiful design that uses extremely thin bezels to fit a ton more screen into the same sized phone. The S9+ was a relatively minor upgrade in comparison, with barely perceptible upgrades to the camera and processor, so you can save a lot of money by picking up a Galaxy S8+ over its 2018 counterpart. At the time of writing, this flagship smartphone is just £449 -- cheaper than many mid-range phones like the OnePlus 6!

2. iPhone 6S

Image credit: Apple


The iPhone 6S is the last iPhone model to come with a headphone jack (apart from the pint-sized iPhone SE), making it a nice choice for anyone that likes listening to music. It also includes a fingerprint reader, 3D touch, an excellent 12-megapixel camera and a modern 64-bit A9 processor. With battery replacements for the iPhone costing just £29, you won't need to suffer from degraded performance either. At just £179 at the time of writing, a pre-owned iPhone 6S offers a super-affordable way to get the iPhone experience!

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Image credit: SlashGear


Our final highlight is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, my own smartphone of choice. It may be a little old, but the S7 Edge still delivers all of the latest features thanks to its recent updated to Android 8.0 Oreo. The phone was the first to really emphasise its curved edges, which makes it feel more modern than most of its contemporaries. And at £249 at the time of writing, this is a very affordable way to get a high-end smartphone, even if it is a few years old now.

Wrapping up

So there you have it -- the giffgaff Marketplace is a handy place to sell on old phones for extra cash or find a bargain smartphone! Thanks for checking out the article. If you have any questions or comments, get in touch via the comments below! Until next time, farewell.



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Some good bargains, plus the reassurance of Giffgaff backup/warranty.


I bought an iPhone 7 for my sister from the giffgaff marketplace a few months ago and I can't fault it; perfectly functioning phone, in really good condition and quick delivery too!


Prices look to be quite competitive and takes the risk out of buying from the likes of Ebay. might it give it a go next time around.


Thanks for info ,obviously best place to buy a phone would be from our own GiffgaffSmiley Happy 


Bought my Iphone 8 plus from Giffgaff last month and i love it!! Good price - cheaper than anywhere else Heart


thanks for sharing this post! 


im looking forward to have a phone and a sim contract wirth giffgaff butr i want to know whether the phone is unlooked to any sim or does it only work for giff gaff?Z


£450 for a samsung s8 ,,,,,, i would budget another £50 and get the oneplus 6t ,,, its a beast 


Samsung i'ts cool


There are some insane deals here!