Biggest Ever Payback- Over £1.8M paid out

Biggest Ever Payback- Over £1.8M paid out

by hardeepw on ‎21-12-2012 15:00 - last edited on ‎23-09-2014 15:13 by zobia22 (11,325 Views)

Hello everyone,


A BIG thank you to all of you for helping make giffgaff payback a huge success - we have just finished the biggest ever Payback. In total, Members have received over £1.85m, that’s an amazing £750,000 more than the last Payback, in June 2012.  


Comparing this to the very first Payback, where we gave back a humble £27,000 shows how hard you have all worked to make this a success. The first full year we paid back £155,000 to our members, this year, we will be giving back a just under £3m (combining the June and Nov Payback). So a huge thank you for your hard work in recruiting new members as well as helping members in the community.




Some of you decided to donate your money to this year’s selected charities- Teenage cancer trust  and Air Ambulance Association . Did you know that the first charity vote had only 5 votes- this Payback around 13k of you participated. The new voting process seems to have been a great success, so thanks for everyone who took part.  The charity pot has also grown, the first payback w the Community donated £700, this Payback Members donated £15.5k. As giffgaff match Member donations the total raised this year was £31k.  

As many of you already know, giffgaff means ‘mutual benefit’. Which means as you help us grow, the amount of Payback grows, a win/win. In the very first Payback the top earner managed to  earn £654, a far cry from the what the top earners earn today. A special thanks to Uzzy, who retained his top spot, despite being at University.





Once again a huge thank you to all of you who have helped giffgaff, we hope you enjoy your payback.


Let us know what you have been saving your payback for and how you will enjoy it


Hey guys, Hazel just popping in here - if you took your payback as paypal or credit - you now have the choice to donate part of that to the chosen charity still - read here, and happy donating, 


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by bluemoonbaz
on ‎21-12-2012 15:00
Wow fantatic giffgaff really is a members community
by mathew40
on ‎21-12-2012 15:08
Great news.merry christmas to you all and a happy new year
by foolish
on ‎21-12-2012 15:17

That is incredibleSmiley Surprised Thanks for my shareSmiley Happy

by ryaneberry
on ‎21-12-2012 15:19

Uzzy has had a poor 6 months then! But it begs the question, with nearly £2m was given out, are giffgaff giving too much payback out? I was thinking in the community perhaps

by ryaneberry
on ‎21-12-2012 15:24

But it certainly is a good sign that giffgaff is expanding at a fair rate of knots!

by usmanozzy786
on ‎21-12-2012 15:32
I can't see giffgaff continuing payback for the next 2-3 years. Their going quit this soon they can't afford to much
by nerakb
on ‎21-12-2012 15:36



Well done to every single member who has worked hard over the last 6 monthsSmiley Wink



And a BIG,BIG thank you to giffgaff themselves for being aroundSmiley Happy

by nazii3
on ‎21-12-2012 15:51

wow Smiley Surprised


Good luck to Uzzy Smiley Surprised

by matt1111
on ‎21-12-2012 15:54

Uzzy wrote:


"I can't see giffgaff continuing payback for the next 2-3 years. Their going quit this soon they can't afford to much"


I disagree. With no call centres and little advertisement they should still have a lot of money left. 


As long as they don't go doing mad things wit their money then they can more or less afford anything.


Also payback is a big feature to giffgaff - more members joining = more money. IN just one month if people paid just £10 a month that would be enough for giffgaff to have all their staff and left overs. 

by big cheese pinkcalculator
on ‎21-12-2012 17:13
Time will tell what is happening with payback but what ever the future holds the past is what what we are all saying thank you for Smiley Very Happy
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