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BlackBerry 10 (BB10) - Top 5 new features

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BB10, the new operating system from BlackBerry has officially launched, here’s a look at some of the main features. Don't forget to take a look at our BlackBerry Z10 price comparison.




BlackBerry Hub


Swipe up to access our homescreen, which includes active programs (or frames) like Facebook and Weather.

Swipe right to view other app screens.


Swipe left from any application to access BlackBerry Hub, which correlates all message, including: BBMs, texts, work emails, personal emails and Facebook and Twitter messages.


BlackBerry Flow


At the heart of BB10 is BlackBerry Flow, a process of flowing from one application to another naturally, rather than opening and closing applications to complete a task.


When the message indicator blinks, whatever application you are in, swipe up to see what the notification is and swipe right to view your inbox and the sender.  Either return to the application, or enter BlackBerry Hub to read the message.


Within BlackBerry Hub, flow from your messages to upcoming events simply by swiping down.  Select a meeting to find out more about attendees and information about specific attendees.


That’s the idea of Flow, a wealth of information is available within a few swipes of the BlackBerry Hub


Camera with Time Shift


The BlackBerry Z10 includes a 8-megapixel camera, with a feature called Time Shift Camera Technology, which captures a series of frames simultaneously.  Using the dial you can ‘rewind time’ to view the frames and choose the best frame to create the perfect photo.  It’s particularly good for people photographs, where the subject may blink or look away.



BlackBerry Keyboard


The BlackBerry keyboard looks really impressive, start typing and suggestions appear over the next letter - simply throw up to accept and a space is inserted automatically.


Auto correct is on-board and cleverly it can also swap between three languages.  The more you use the keyboard , the more accurate it becomes, becoming more customised to your typing style - for instance if you tap a particular key on one side.


BlackBerry Balance


BlackBerry smartphones are traditionally used by businesses (or enterprise customers). BlackBerry Balance in BB10, lets users set up up separate Personal and Work profiles and swap between by swiping down.


The Work profile includes work apps, emails and access to the Work App Catalogue - if a company wants to recommend apps for installation.  It’s possible to lock Balance for security reasons - restricting access to work emails.


So tell us your thoughts on BlackBerry 10 and the new handsets being released - would they tempt you to swap?  If you're a BlackBerry user are you excited at the prospect of upgrading to one of the new devices?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would like one a lot, but not at the price it is now. Have blackberry released any information on how much better than exected the launch was? I know they ran out of white handsets, but they may not have had many to start with. Lol.

The internet is awash with Blackberry right now. I love the gesture based navigation but I'll have to try that people hub, it looks like it'd be hard work for someone like me that's used to dedicated apps.


I like that they're doing something different, the emphasis on Android and IOS is on shiny, shiny apps whereas the BB boys are all about making a digital filofax. That'll appeal to some more than others.


Interesting but nothing to really tempt me away from android.

I particularly don't fancy having to  'throw up ' while typing. Smiley Tongue

thanks for blog

looks a good phone indeed..

Does look good.
mad scientist

@mememememememememe, the Blackberry Z10 sold three times more units on launch day than any other of their products according to this article:


Also more than 50% more units than any other Blackberry launch in Canada

I am quite surprised tbh!


It'll be interesting to see how Blackberry does in the US, I don't think their handsets have ever really caught on over there

That is a good sign indeed, cheeper models for developing countrys and a decent high spec model. Not a lot of phone developers give that.

It is nice to see Blackberry making their products more attractive to the general market.


nice features on the blackberry..some unique ones