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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update: new features

handy giff-staffer

The BlackBerry PlayBook has just had a significant software update, which adds some great new features, including social network integration, remote typing and Android apps. Check them out in the video below.


Are these PlayBook updates enough to make you consider purchasing the BlacKBerry PlayBook?  Do you already have a PlayBook - what do you think of the new features?  Let us know in the comments below!



giffgaff pensioner
cheers for that victoria will.pass on to daughters

Thanks, sounds good


hi every one i hope someone can  give me alittle info  on ,,, if you can use a giffgaff sim card in a samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet pc  for using internet, i was thinking of buying one   luv gadgets  but know nothing about them,  i already use giffgaff on my iphone its great.


handy giff-staffer

Hi kilipo2001,


You'll need a Data gigabag Smiley Happy


The Blackberry Playbook is a brilliant device. I was looking at a budget 7" screen Android tablet but they got rubbish reviews.

Poor quality screens, unusuable touch screen, not enough processor power etc.


This is a high spec tablet originally £399 reduced to £169. There's nothing out there to touch it on price per performance.

And to top it off it runs Android apps ie loads of games and useful apps as well as running Blackberry's own apps.


It's compact in size with a super sharp screen. A joy to use surfing the net and streaming videos, very fast operation speeds.


Double thumbs up from me.


Shame the Kindle Fire isn't officially out yet. That would rival the Playbook on price and performance.  No arguing that the Playbook packs a punch for the price.


How much of the Android library is available on the Playbook?  You only mention 2 apps which makes it look suspiciously like very few.




Controlling the Playbook via your Blackberry looks naff.  Do you need a Blackberry to get the most out of the Playbook?

handy giff-staffer

Hi  vorb,


It's quite tricky to say, they are all merged in with the BlackBerry apps and don't have their own section.
Looking online I've seen reports of around 800, but it's fair to say these are of varying quality and won't all work

While e-Reader has a better list here, of well over 200, which it has verified.


Hope that helps a bit Smiley Happy


It works as a normal tablet for surfing the web, watching videos and internet based things. You can sync it to a Blackberry phone.


To be honest i haven't installed many Android apps as the standard Blackberry installed software has suited my needs.


I think at the moment the Playbook will run the majority of Android apps out there upto 2.3 (don't quote me).

Hopefully only the good apps as most are useless


I don't own a Blackberry phone i use a Samsung Galaxy s2 as my main gadget out and about. I wanted a tablet for home use for watching videos like iplayer, 4od etc and the screen is more than enough.

intresting update,thanks