Blackberry Playbook Review

Blackberry Playbook Review

by handy giff-staffer victoriatagg on ‎25-01-2012 18:03 - last edited on ‎26-01-2014 17:32 by anthony_c (3,194 Views)

Take a look at our short video review of the Blackberry Playbook, find out the best and worst of the new tablet.  


Have you thought about investing in the Playbook, or do you already have one?  Tell us what you think of RIMs first entry into the tablet market.


Don't forget that you can tether your Playbook to your device with a Pay as you go data plan for 3G and email.



by iphone_user
on ‎25-01-2012 18:06

Had a good thing to say, but dont want banned  Smiley Tongue

by wman2
on ‎25-01-2012 18:16

For a minute I saw the title of the entry out of the corner of my eye and thought BIS had been released! But alas... (not that I like BlackBerries, but some of my friends will only join once BBM is up and running)

by pwnartist
on ‎25-01-2012 18:17

It really must be awful if the CEOs of RIM left becuase of it..... Just saying.

by pathfinder green65
on ‎25-01-2012 18:18

I have one and its great you dont need apps as it has flash and supports desktop websites.



So why cant we get gigabags with the blackberry addons?

by stealthybigboss2
on ‎25-01-2012 18:20
I prefer android
by suppers_ready
on ‎25-01-2012 18:23

It's a great piece of kit, I know, I've got one!. Very well made, high quality screen and a great price. Easier to hold and type that 10" tablets. Does need the email client though, but that is coming in an OS update, due next month. Also, you don't need to have a blackberry phone to tether using a gigabag. You can bluetooth any phone and do that. Very happy with mine Smiley Happy

by chaza218
on ‎25-01-2012 19:44

good review, bad acoustics!

by zerodudex333
on ‎25-01-2012 21:31

Is it just me or does it seem really strange to see a tablet with blackberries logo at the bottom? Smiley Surprised


Never used a tablet in my life..which is really surprising really, looking forward to seeing how RIM try to match up to android and apple next Smiley Happy

by matt1111
on ‎25-01-2012 22:05

What exactly is good about this tablet? To access all the main features you need to connect a BB to it. If you don't have a BB then it renders it practically inoperable. Bad show RIM. Why bother making a tablet if you have to have a phone to use it's features. That's a bad system. 

by spag
on ‎25-01-2012 22:43
@currys and pcworld online £169 collect@store available instore price £249
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