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Blackberry Playbook Review

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Take a look at our short video review of the Blackberry Playbook, find out the best and worst of the new tablet.  


Have you thought about investing in the Playbook, or do you already have one?  Tell us what you think of RIMs first entry into the tablet market.


Don't forget that you can tether your Playbook to your device with a Pay as you go data plan for 3G and email.




good price for this tablet and it is good quality


I shan't be swapping my ipad for one, thats for sure...


@alien45 - I believe the app store is a big hurdle for Rim. While it is getting better I would say it is still more business orientated than consumer.


This year the world and it's mother are releasing app stores, think Acer, Asus, Samsung etc but I think the market can only sustain 3-4 mainstream providers and everyone else will end up partnering with them. There will always be niche app stores, but to achive Apples levels of success just having an app store isn't enough.


Apple + iTunes are obviously what everyone is trying to imitate, which is probably their first mistake. I think Apples biggest competitor will end up being Amazon rather than Google. For all the big name tablets the actual device is less important than the services and media you buy from them to use on it. Amazon already have the integrated backend services and existing sales, they just need to tie it together properly with the consumer device.


The next few months will be quite critical for Blackberry. Whether they're too late to the tablet party and the media coverage has already pushed them too to be saved, or whether the new CEO can turns things around and prevent them becoming another Nokia or Palm has yet to be seen.


hi i just wanted to know if u buy the £10 goodbag for blackberry do u get free bbm with the unlimted  please reply


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@ kadir hussain


Until giffgaff release blackberry services BBM won't work. When it is released it'll be a seperate charge ontop of the goodybag.


The playbook doesn't currently have a native BBM client yet, but uses the one built into the phone. Whether Blackberry will release BBM and blackberry services without needing a blackberry is still unknown. The have already demonstrated BBM on Android, so there are hopes that they will seperate the network services from the actual hardware.


Blackberries are a waste. There is a reason that their sales are going down, as are their profits, and their co-CEOs left in the last few weeks, and the Playbook completely failed to take off, and every other Blackberry device is basically identical with only minor exterior changes.

First time I ever heard of it

When is GiffGaff releasing the blackberry product so we can use BBM?