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Blackberry...the wait is over.

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

I’m really pleased to announce that from today you’ll be able to get Blackberry services on giffgaff.  You can now get a Blackberry add on to your goodybag for an additional £3, which will give you access to full Blackberry services, such as BBM. 


We’ve had lots of giffgaff members asking for us to provide Blackberry services both here on the Forum and in our Social networks, especially on our Facebook page. 


Unfortunately we had to delay the launch of Blackberry due to some service issues which impacted our core infrastructure however with fixes made (and being made), I’m happy to say that we are now in a position to push Blackberry live. For those giffgaffers who buy the Hokey Cokey goodybag, you’ll have a little longer to wait (sorry) as we are still working on adding the functionality to buy it with Hokey Cokey.


We had some handy giffgaffers helping with the testing of Blackberry so thank you to all of those who helped out.


So, that’s it, giffgaff meet Blackberry, Blackberry meet giffgaff.  Why not pass on the good news and let your friends who are on Blackberry know that giffgaff is up and running with BB.




Great news for Blackberry users, means i can now push giffgaff to my friends with blackberry phones Smiley Tongue


sorry if this has already been posted and I missed it, but I am slightly confused about tethering


This FAQ Can I add the BlackBerry add-on to a gigabag?

Clearly says that "The BlackBerry® add-on will not be available for any customers on the gigabag tariff (live or queued)"


but this FAQ Can I use my BlackBerry as a tethered modem on giffgaff? gives instructions on how to tether, saying that "Please note: You can only use this method if you are currently on a "gigabag tarriff". giffgaff have the right to suspend any SIM's tethering on the incorrect goodybag."


Brilliant news.

former giff-staffer

Hi rong42,


Sorry about that. We previously thought we we able to make the bb add-on available for the gigabags as well. But technically we are unable to do this at the moment. So good spot and we'll remove that FAQ for now. Should it ever be possible, we'll put it back in of course. Thanks for flagging this. Much appreciated Smiley Happy






I only joined Giffgaff recently and the news was that blackberry would be released in feb. I presumed that meant sometime in feb and as I'd read about all the delays I didn't hold much hope it would be any time soon. Bit frustrating that I now have to wait until feb 28th to add blackberry services to my package. I use emails on my phone for work purposes so it's going to be a really inconvenient month. It's unfortunate that even just for this month giffgaff couldn't have found some way around it. I wouldn't even mind cancelling my current goodybag which is a few days old and buying a new one but that's not possible! 

Please find a solution for me please (other than waiting a month!) Smiley Happy


The only annoying thing now is that I've bought a goodybag to start tomorrow, but can't add blackberry to it... Do I have to wait another month?


Thanks for this GG. Been a long wait. We moved all our family over to this network back in 2011, and were dissapointed in the delat for the BIS.


We are very happy that the BIS is now able to be activated. It's a small inconvenience that the BIS is only available to purchase at the same time as a Goodybag, but that's the way it is. The wife's phone was re-topped up last night so she is the first on the new GG BIS and it works wonders. Didn't have to wait the 24hrs I thought we would either.


Well done on the implementation!


@padtastic and @jtaylor66:

The wait for BIS has been a long drawn our process where GG have suffered complaints, walkouts and abuse for the delays. Waiting a few extra days is a minor inconvenience to you (and I am in the same boat as you too). Implementing somthing to cover-over would be costly and compromise the network.


In your case jtaylor66, have you asked an agent if they can cancel your queued goodybag and issue a refund? Then you can re-queue a goodybag with BIS.


On the plus side, february is the shortest month of the year, so you have that added bonus.


I'm happy to hear that this is now fixed, I only joined giffgaff this week and already paid for a goodbag assuming i could just add the add on once it was available so having to wait till 28th Feb is rather annoying! Eurgh! 



YES ! THANK YOU GIFFGAFF !Smiley Very Happy 


I've just to wait until my next GB now :'((


Congratulations giffgaff on getting this out and on beating expectations as to when in Febuary it would come out !