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Blackberry...the wait is over.

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

I’m really pleased to announce that from today you’ll be able to get Blackberry services on giffgaff.  You can now get a Blackberry add on to your goodybag for an additional £3, which will give you access to full Blackberry services, such as BBM. 


We’ve had lots of giffgaff members asking for us to provide Blackberry services both here on the Forum and in our Social networks, especially on our Facebook page. 


Unfortunately we had to delay the launch of Blackberry due to some service issues which impacted our core infrastructure however with fixes made (and being made), I’m happy to say that we are now in a position to push Blackberry live. For those giffgaffers who buy the Hokey Cokey goodybag, you’ll have a little longer to wait (sorry) as we are still working on adding the functionality to buy it with Hokey Cokey.


We had some handy giffgaffers helping with the testing of Blackberry so thank you to all of those who helped out.


So, that’s it, giffgaff meet Blackberry, Blackberry meet giffgaff.  Why not pass on the good news and let your friends who are on Blackberry know that giffgaff is up and running with BB.



^ you'll need to pull the battery out of your blackberry (restart it) to get it working.

myn dnt work need the settings


waiting for my goody bag to expire and then i'll be buying the blackberry add on. will i need to do anything to my phone? or just buy the blacknberry add on? thanks





Tried the battery pull every day since I got the addon, it's not getting me anywhere, tried the register thing aswell that didn't do anything.



Will this allow me to go on the internet from  my blackberry? Because I don't use BBM so unless the internet browser will work I'm not going to both buying the add-on. Smiley Happy


if your BB isnt working after buying the add on, you might want to read this post


apparently some old giffgaff sims cant accept BB settings?


If new goodybag+bb doesn't start until old goodybag runs out does this also apply to any credit remaining from pay as u go?

Still no joy with existing BB add on. I've paid my money and got nothing in return!

I salute you giffgaff, my future sister-in-law has a BlackBerry, she'll be absolutely delighted to hear the news!

iv topped up my sim and got a £10 goody bag, and added the £3 bbm, but my bbm isnt working, iv waited 24 hours, can you please tell me how long it will take?!


ive got a bb goody bag but the internet does not work yet!when will my net work?