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Blackberry...the wait is over.

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

I’m really pleased to announce that from today you’ll be able to get Blackberry services on giffgaff.  You can now get a Blackberry add on to your goodybag for an additional £3, which will give you access to full Blackberry services, such as BBM. 


We’ve had lots of giffgaff members asking for us to provide Blackberry services both here on the Forum and in our Social networks, especially on our Facebook page. 


Unfortunately we had to delay the launch of Blackberry due to some service issues which impacted our core infrastructure however with fixes made (and being made), I’m happy to say that we are now in a position to push Blackberry live. For those giffgaffers who buy the Hokey Cokey goodybag, you’ll have a little longer to wait (sorry) as we are still working on adding the functionality to buy it with Hokey Cokey.


We had some handy giffgaffers helping with the testing of Blackberry so thank you to all of those who helped out.


So, that’s it, giffgaff meet Blackberry, Blackberry meet giffgaff.  Why not pass on the good news and let your friends who are on Blackberry know that giffgaff is up and running with BB.








i think i will let you reply ;) 


I will just ask the question haha. 

Does one need to reboot their phone. 


When the bb is activated for first time ? , as i'm taking knowlegde from other networks bb activation and trying to get answers ;) 


And what kind of blackberry server is being used ? 


is it the express one ? as you said its instant ? 

Just wanted to know hehe ;) 

but surely when lots of people come on to bb activations, it will go from instant to 1 hour activation time and then 2 hours and delays will be seen and people will complain about that :) 


I think even if you say its instant. It may not be :( Can you confirm this ? and put a gurantee stamp that it will be instant ;)


What is the bb activation time?

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! After much nagging I bought my son a Blackberry for Christmas and he has been checking the site daily for news... I have just bought his goodybag and BB  addon, he will be a very happy chap.


Good skills GiffGaff, Loving your work! :heart:


does the internet come with it


giffgaff head-scratcher

What is the giffgaff URL for the Blackberry portal for configuring email on the device where you link your PIN and IMEI

e.g like the o2 one




Yes ;) 


How long will we have to wait for Hokey Kokey compatibility?  Are we talking weeks or months or what?






Yes i would like to know that as well ;) 




youtube everything working for £3

So am I able to buy the £5 unlimited texts goodybag and this £3 bolt on and get full internet and texts? I have no need for minutes. And is this internet unlimited like the £10 goodybag?