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Breaking Records? Dedication's what you need!

handy giff-staffer

50% of new babies are girls, about the same percentage are boys. 50% of the letters in giffgaff are 'f'.  As giffgaff's analyst, my job is to spot such hidden trends.


Something slightly more groundbreaking is that it turns out that 50% of the all new people joining giffgaff yesterday were recommended by one of you!

After looking through the history books for nearly 15 minutes, it turns out that this is a new giffgaff world record.  Whilst we wait for the authorities to confirm this record was not wind assisted, we already know that is was massively assisted by all the hundreds of giffgaffers who’ve already received their £10 bonus credit, simply for introducing a friend to giffgaff this month.

If you joined giffgaff before 4th Oct, you’ve still got time to get your hands on extra credit this month – get a friend to join giffgaff before 31st October and we’ll pop £10 credit onto your account. See the ‘Get £10 extra credit post’ for more details. 

So, rather than using those spare giffgaff SIMs as ineffective bookmarks or coasters, dust them off and pass them onto your friends/family/pet reptiles to magically transform one of them into credit (the SIMs, not the friend).  If you don't already have a SIM to pass on, head to Spread the Word to order an free extra SIM now.

We’ve had a few members activate SIMs this month for their kids and even grandparents, a great way of picking up an extra £10 and of course there is a double bonus is they can now call them for free (as giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts are free) That's most of my Christmas presents already sorted then.

Finally, I've now got rid of my previous phone contract and today ported my old number to giffgaff.  That should save me a fortune-if only giffgaff had been around 2 years ago when I signed away about £800.


The extra £10 credit promotion was excellent timing.

My mother had just decided to get shot of 3 so I created an account for her and activated a SIM.

I'll be requesting a number port next week some time.

Mum's happy to be finally getting away from 3, chuffed with her £5 bonus and I'm happier than I usually am with giffgaff.


Thank you giffgaff!


I signed up my first ever referral just when this was introduced. Since joining giffgaff I've only topped up £10 and have had £25 credit in total and the same again in payback. Brilliant!


Yes I duly got excited over my £10 credit. The first thing I did was send a text to my friend is austrailia, rubbing in the fact that it only cost me a few pennies Smiley Happy


Speaking of record breakers. Remember the telly program, late Roy Castle 1932 - 1994 The Roy Castle lung cancer foundation. Another worth-while cause for small donations.