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Buy a phone from giffgaff... and pay monthly

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When are you launching handsets?

This is probably the most popular question from last monday's blog.

We've always said before year ends, but if testing goes as planned you'll be able to buy a phone from giffgaff before the end of November. 


And what's the price?

Also high in popularity. This is something we are still working on, what I can say for now is that we will be competitive. I thought it would be worth highlighting the 6 principles of our handsets proposition:


1. Members don't need to buy a goodybag with their phone.

2. You can pay for your phone upfront or monthly. 

3. You can split your monthly payments from 6 to 24 months. 

4. You can change or cancel your goodybag at anytime (as usual)

5. You can change your monthly phone payments at anytime.

6. Your phone will not be locked to giffgaff. 


How are you going to do monthly payments?

We have explored different ways of doing financing and reached the conclusion that the fairest and most giffgaff way to enable you to pay monthly is via Peer 2 Peer finance. We will talk about this in more detail shortly, but in the meantime here's a screenshot of our most relevant page in the journey.




Thanks for all your great feedback. We're happy to hear you are as excited as us. 



just trust me...

Thanks for this,Kim.Very interesting.Waiting to see what the prices will be and what other phones will be available in the future.

It's also good to see that we don't have to purchase a goodybag when purchasing a phone from giffgaff (I've never bought one) and that the phones won't be locked to giffgaff-does this mean they'll be unlocked??


Really innovative way of doing this.

I was well impressed when this was announced at Open House.

Thanks Kim! Really impressed, I'm glad giffgaff is getting bigger and better Smiley Happy
Whoop whoop! Smiley Happy
What do u mean by you can change or cancel your goodybag anytime. Currently we cannot cancel or change our goodybag Explain this kim please?????
giffgaff pensioner
""4. You can change or cancel your goodybag at anytime (as usual)"" That could be taken two ways ?

What is the likely interest rate on Peer 2 Peer finance?

definitely gonna buy a handset from giffgaff Smiley Very Happy
Smiley Happy *

Is there going to be an option to use Payback as a payment method?