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Chance to win 500 payback points...get involved here...

former giff-staffer

Hey folks, 

Ever taken a step back and thought, could I live without my phone for a week?


We would love to hear how mobiles have changed your life.


Tell us your thoughts to be in with a chance to win one of ten 500 payback points. Lovely.




To enter please let us know by leaving a comment on the blog to say you have completed the survey.


Good luck




How do you know when we've submitted as it didn't ask for username


Entered but there should have been some options for not applicable. Rest of it was good though, be interesting to see the results! Smiley Happy

big cheese
Done but if only you'd sent me that a few hours ago is have highlighted a few wee tweets that would make it come across better.
ace of spades
From dalan.
big cheese

Done Done Smiley Tongue 


Some great questions made me smile Smiley Happy 

I boldly went...
I've done it but it didn't ask me for any username or my info ? So giffgaff will know who have don't it ?
big cheese I think this shows how much better the duvet would have been if only my idea was in place.

This either a con or they have generally fogorten to put member name box

done it buh yup never asked for username :/ hehe was fun and funny
big cheese
Its not a con we all know and love gg wee quirks but live testing is the way to go