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Christmas phone range update

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Happy Friday giffgaff,

Over the past year we have been trying to expand our handset range to what our lovely members want.

This idea has come up a few times and we tried it out on our site this time last year and more recently in August. Guessed what it is yet?


It is our pleasure to announce that we will be launching a full range of refurbished handsets in December, with some special additions that we know you will be excited for.


Drum roll please.


We will be offering brands such as Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and wait for it… Apple but be quick the stock won't last forever!


You will find all of them on the website on the 17th of December, ready for a shiny Christmas.


Keep your eyes peeled as we will give more information soon on the complete list of refurbished phones that will be available from 17th December.


Update: Due to technical difficulties we originally had them available from the 16th but we've had to move it back a day, to the 17th. Apologies for the inconvenience.   


Stay tuned,



All the Refurbished Handsets have sold out so it's good to see new refurbished stock incoming to giffgaff's phone shop.

Einstein a go-go



Good timing for some to pick up a giffgaff Christmas  bargain . 


This is something which has long been requested by members so good to see it now fits-in with giffgaff thinking. Smiley Tongue


Brilliant, can't wait, my phone is miles beyond its best before date!!

Nice one, great news!
lives and breathes giffgaff
My daughters now had two refurbished iPhones from o2 refresh at superb prices both phones when we checked the details were only months old still had most of the Apple warrenty left and the first my hubby is now using. I'm sure the stock won't last long please make sure your ready for the extra traffic on site, for the extra deliveries and the main thing make sure the iPhones are unlocked !
Fantastic news

Brilliant - I'll be checking out the Iphones, my 4S will be obsolete before long!

big cheese

I will certainly checking them out on the 16 December