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Community Highlights 08/11/2013

former giff-staffer

Hi guys,


Below is a list of everything that went on in the community this week: 


  • Kim updated the community with the latest handset news. He explained how you can buy a phone from giffgaff and pay monthly. To read more on how it works, click here

  • Stevie kicked off a new video series this week called 'gaffcase'. The first video is about giffgaff Happenings. Tom explains what it is in this short but informative video. To watch the video, click here. 

  • Have you nominated a charity for payback yet? If not, head over to this thread to vote for a charity that you would love to be supported by us. Please note that if you vote for a charity that has received payback from us previously, the vote will not be counted as we will not be including those charities this time round. This is to give other charities a chance of receiving help.

  • Caption This is still going strong with 111 members taking part in take 30. Take 31 has started and we would like you to caption this image:


  • Last week we told you about Google launching the new Nexus 5 handset. It comes with the new Android KitKat software. We asked 'What do you think of the phone?' 'I like the look and features' won with 133 votes.  To see the rest of the results, click on the spoiler: 


  • Click to reveal
    nexus 5.jpg
  • This week we are asking you ''US company has unveiled build-your-own toy robots that can drive, wiggle and react to the world around them. Would you buy a build-your-own robot?' To vote, go on the main community page and then head over to Off Topic to discuss your answer. 

  • Are you free tomorrow night? If so, why not head over to our movie night thread where our members will be watching the movie '2012'. It starts at 6.45 and will be showing on Channel 5. Don't forget to comment on the movie on this thread. 

    Have a lovely weekend Smiley Happy 




Lots of community news, looking forward to hearing about handset pricing!


Will now go vote for a charity, and try to come up with an interesting answer for Caption This 31...


A toy robot that can wiggle is impressive, but can it twerk?

thx, cant wait to hear the final prices for the handsets, the waiting doesn't seem to end :smiley-very-happy:

i never had a chance to vote on the nexus 5! but i def think it is a worthy upgrade since i have a nexus 4 - not anytime soon tho (perhaps when a price drop happens over the summer haha!) 




Thanks for the round up of the community highlights. Another busy week.

Thanks for the overview Zobia. I think I'm on the community a lot more these days, as I've seen most things mentioned here on the community. Already nominated a charity, and really looking forward to hearing more about the phone range. :-) Of course I will try out the Caption This Competition again, and I really like the gaffcase idea, hope this becomes a constant feature. BTW, what happened to the one breathe news? :-)

Never mind, just saw the latest edition of One Breathe news on the giffgaff Facebook page. Smiley Happy

Thanks. As others have said, I've been reading Kim's posts with interest and am looking forward to seeing the prices for the handsets.