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Community Highlights 12/07/2013

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We have had lots going on this week on the giffgaff community. If you haven't had a chance to get online, as you have been busy sunbathing, here are some of the highlights 



  • Handsets are a big development for giffgaff and we want our members to have a say in every part of the project. Following the 'project page design' we now want your input on the 'Handset Range' all you need to 
    do is fill in a quick survey on which handsets you think we should stock. 


  • shirtFront.jpggiffgaff ChariTEE was launched today. Now is your chance to help a charity and get a fly giffgaff t-shirt out of it all. Show your giffgaff and charity pride. All profit goes to the mental health charity MIND.


  • We want you to come and join our Open House at our gaff, where you can meet eachother, the team and have fun at the same time. Please fill in the form if you are interested in attending. 


  • We launched a special event for the entire month of July: the Daily Music Lottery. Taking part in this one gives you a chance to get your hands on a pair of snazzy giffgaff earphones - we have one winner every day until the end of the month. Today's theme is 'Phones'




  • Movie night has returned!!!!! giffgaff Movie Night is a fortnightly social event where members vote on a film they want to watch which runs on telly that Saturday evening and live chat it together in this thread! Lots of opportunities to win giffgaff popcorn and prizes! Pick which film you want to watch with us next Saturday.


  • The third instalment of Coffee Break Tidbits appreared in Off-Topic on Tuesday. Go check out some fun facts about India in this week's post, including the Cactus Garden shown below. 




nice, might join in on movie night Smiley Happy
giffgaff to the grave

Thanks for these highlights Rachel ......... Smiley Happy


Aargghh, I always miss out on the Daily Music Lottery - never remember it till after 4pm Smiley Sad

heavy hitter



Movie night sounds good.

thx for the highlights Smiley Happy

Always a great community & welcome back movie night Smiley Happy

My mam has a new HTC Mozart and we have gone on the market to download a app and it come up with a error code saying 805a0197 help please people:-(*!!!!!!!

I am glad that Movie night is back on.


I didn't always post, but I did enjoy reading peoples views and recommendations.


Great message board forums at Giffgaff, keep up the good work.