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Community Highlights 15/11/2013

former giff-staffer

Hi everyone and happy Friday, 


This week we have had a lot going on as usual. giffgaff staff have been busy sharing important information and announcement, that we don't want you to miss out on.....

help page.jpg


We started the week off by Nigel sharing the Network upgrades.  For those of you who are interested in the technical side of things. Another technical update was given later in the week by Charl on  The Operational Monitoring Processes 


Jeremy explained our New Help Page  which is looking great!!! For a preview >>>>>>>


This was followed by Ash telling us about the New Member Experience projects that we have going on and the outcomes of your votes. This explains the priorities the member experience team have and what we are working on. 


Mark wants your input on a 4G Setup Page Consultation- how can we improve the structure and content of the page to improve member experience. 




Now that we are in November we are thinking about Decembers payback and what you want to do with your earnings. Last week we asked you to nominate for charities we can donate the 'charity' proportion of payback to. Now these have been decided we want you to vote for which charity you want. 


Gregg didn't want to miss out on getting a new page either. So, yesterday he shared our new community landing page that we will be launching on Monday. You can see the page <<<<<<< with his blog explaining the ideas behind it. 

For our football fans out there Ant explained how you can get involved in Fantasy Football now if you were too late at the beginning of the season in the Fantasy Football Late-comers League




You may have noticed that each week one of the community team shares a music blog with you. This comprises of the song that was number 1 on the day they were born and their favourite from each century so far. This week was Amy's turnFeel free to judge her Smiley Happy 


Hope you have a great weekend 







Looking forward to checking out the new Community Landing Page and 4G Setup Page Consultation - This will keep me looking forward to my next handset which will definitely need to be 4G capable!

thanks rachel, cant wait to see the community landing page
Thanks for the highlights Rachel. Some good things coming up

Thanks for the highlights update.

Thanks for the highlights, always good to catch up on things I've missed this week. :-)
grand master

Thanks for the highlights Smiley Very Happy


cheerz for the highlights Cat Wink  

theres sum good things comming



zac Robot Very Happy


Lots of good work. Keep it up! Smiley Happy