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Community Highlights 21/06/2013

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Hey community!

Here’s a roundup of what happened around the community this week, giving you a chance to catch up and maybe even get involved.



top tips

  • Very soon Help & Support will reach the huge milestone of 3 million posts! This is great news and shows how active and useful how support section is, awesome work guys!
  • Welcome Stephanie, our new social media executive! she did her introduction post over in Welcome and News yesterday, make sure to pop over and say hi
  • New community manager Marion posted a great post about fun facts about the USA called ‘Coffee break tidbits’ have a read and learn so fun facts!
  • The ChariTEE design contest ends on monday! you don’t have to be a photoshoot master to join in, just grab a pen and some paper, this is a great opportunity to get creative and support a great cause, the charity MIND.   



working hard

  • The community minecraft server is growing by the day, you can join in and play with the educators and other community members by reading more here
  • My creative and crafty thread has really taken off over the past week, new posts on the creative tag covering a range of crafts  crossstitch, painting and poetry, if you’re interested you can find out more by read this post, or PMing me.
  • The next round of caption this has just been posted, which means that last weeks winners have been accounced too, to head over to this post to get involved. In other news Don’t Be Scared reached over a million views over its website and youtube, a great campaign which has now been seen by plently.
  • Over on twitter, there has been an event going on all day for summer solstice, here's the giffgaff twitter to have a look, I was snapped for it!


A busy week at GiffGaff!

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Won't there be some kind of health and safety do gooder telling you to wear proper shoes Smiley Sad I remember wearing open sandals at school when I was a kid that would be a criminal offence to send you're kids to school in them these days.

Neat, zoe your soo lucky to be working at gg im jealous Smiley Happy

nice and you are lucky!
I quite agree with pinkcalculator, you could drop a SIM card and it could chop one of your toes off! Consider this a warning and from now on steel toecap boots only please! Also, I trust those are safety glasses and not normal sunglasses? Just imagine what could happen when you pop a SIM card out of its holder if it popped out towards your eyes! A suit of armour should provide adequate cover I feel. Thanks for the round up.