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Community Highlights and Poll Results 09/08/2013

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Hi guys.


Hope everyone has had a good week Smiley Happy






  • You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.  A sign reads: ADVENTURE SIMULATOR





  •  Every Friday we ask you a new question on our poll. Last week we asked you ''Google have launched their first Motorola phone since their takeover of Motorola last year. "Saying "OK Google now..." will prompt the Moto X's Touchless Control system to listen for instructions." Will this feature interest you in buying the phone? The top choice was 'No, it's nothing new', with 68% of the votes.



  • This week, in honour of game night, we are asking: "What is your favourite game genre?"  Vote on the main community bage and take part in the discussion here.

Have a good weekend, I'll leave you with this gif of Claire dancing,





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Thats the gif which keeps on giving Smiley Happy 


Cheers Spence 


Have a good weekend all. 

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I feel like i should apolgise to Claire for that gif being able to become a thing

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@zoe do you think she knows about it ? Smiley Tongue 


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@Guy I would be surprised if she didnt

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@zoe small world


Thanks for giffgaff news

but  a bigger thanks for the gif of Claire dancing Smiley Happy

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Quote .....


Have a good weekend, I'll leave you with this gif of Claire dancing,





Thanks Spence ............ I love seeing people enjoying their work   Smiley Happy


And thanks for  the Highlights ....... thumbup.gif

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Love the gif
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Claire was dancing just like that at the party last time I saw her isn't she a happy bunny Smiley Happy